Friday, March 24, 2006

14. "Anti-Pope"

Return one day we shall · to Moorawathimeering
having had our fill of · Albion's engineering.

Oolongphaeic oodoolay, · dull slub-mobled diamond,
now idylls only aidle · void of new endearing.

Dernely formed atningas · stalk the dearth-dealth, this wishness,
and we crave but the renga's · breaking, out of hearing.

How did the dreaded khamsin · intervene its yowee?
Allotrope of jasmine; · maybe just incense clearing.

Vienna ours, goodbye. I · sylvan tallabilla
imitate the aye-aye · progging tree grubs by spearing.

Nevertheless you still could · fetch the eulowirree
simply in greeting ilka · mellsylvester nearing.


Blogger michael said...

this is my Jindyworobak poem.


11:47 AM  

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