Sunday, November 18, 2018

princess toast

New record.

co-morbid linchpin
the day just past

what is to fall
here already

view of Praha
on a photo album

permutation sunset
tint capturer

sound of falling water
that isn't

The untranslated.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


(via via hlavaty)

Civil defense in Dallas. (via curtis ohm in memories of dallas fb)

shelves ransacked
what quarry

someone who knows
more than this fool knows

& once told

Autumnal creases.

Friday, November 16, 2018

double tap


"Lightning flicks its riding whip, blitzing this night with bright schisms." --Eunoia

Coulthart discusses a new imaginary-film soundtrack, with reference to this as a genre.

brought to you by the letter H
drizzle of conjunctions
right lane closed
that work i had started
emperors ago

millions of miles away
tower blinking

tougher than tough
that fragment of light

Cosey review.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

mahli chito face

(via geof huth on fb)

The jade horse.

"CHAOS ORGANISED (Anagrammed Lines)

Let there be organised chaos:
A secret god, beneath his role.
Algebra, stored in the echoes...."

--Anthony Etherin

Cavett interviews Gorey.

"In general, a lot of the ickiness about living in 2018 feels like a period before a big public health tipping point. Instead of cigarettes, adulterated food and cholera, it's phones, social media and troll-bots." --Telf

Wednesday, November 14, 2018



"One suspects, indeed, that Compton-Burnett would not have been pleased to find herself in sequence with E F Benson and P G Wodehouse, for she was obviously a serious woman who wrote novels that she thought realistic about the tyrannies of family and quasi-familial life." --Frivolity Unbound

Fakelore. More.


ilbon yori

Royal is where once
the lightless stretch i took
that were blaze to this

our nothingness
hallowed be thy nomen
headlights on in the daytime

drizzle of peptides
hyper Jonas core

Seneca who raised
a tyrant to rule gave
a pretty good philosophy
let's not cast



in the time that you have

Provocateur of the body. (thread)

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

stand against the void

(by frank r. paul via richard de angelis in retro rockets fb)

"Merriment, extorted by sallies of imagination, sprightliness of remark, or quickness of reply is too often what the Latins call the Sardinian laughter, a distortion of the face without gladness of heart." --The Rambler

The Showboat.

the order of the days
surprises me enough
to break uneasy doze

the order of the days
bringing the harm it does
nor handle to this knife

the order of the days
surprises me enough

Delillo on Trump.

(california wildfires via michelle rhea on fb)

"At some point, America will have to come to some sort of reckoning with the fact that war is the only full-employment program, the only education subsidy and the only social assistance that the Republican party will support." --mhoye


Monday, November 12, 2018

counted lamentation

Election litter.

styrofoam scarecrows & the christmas
sky a weird dusty presage-twilight
         are we ascending?
descending? going sideways, maybe?

Autistic Grewgious, an "angular man."