Monday, June 26, 2017


More Blade Runner reality.

Only the part that doesn't make any sense is authentic.

Geocitiesized Hyperstition.

inter-urbala dreams, drain
till genuine surd assign
these arki blanka

afar off spied · broom braking
cesious swarm & klone-glut
precarity booked

Stemmons mirage long heart-held
lead me to something third
than wreck or rubric

solstico should be an airt
this viduct without outlet,
squamous doppelbock

Episode 8.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

fa'a le curve tumla

"I am loath to believe that readers of the typical autism essay doubt the importance of autism: it's the importance of autistics that they largely doubt."

wascally werewolf.
i climb a hill of no-horizon anew
my glaci-kesto stocked with enough type-O.

do you call this peace--to while away the recall
to war, if war it was to believe the sky
in its werewolf gray?

"When the alleyways started to smell like bakeries around her neighbourhood, Um Salem knew that Eid was approaching."


Saturday, June 24, 2017


Heat does not want to leave the body. Purple door in the Quarter. A wind unfelt in the dining room. Catacomb summer. Lyonesse.

Ten new ones.

red paint trail, ubiquitous Accord;
so much to our haints we thus accord

moving near the old blatala muzeo
of Plano; bleak rhinoceros accord

what can i map except this ego tunnel
a Chunnel 'copter-duel: for us, accord

off the bus Graywyvern finds no sign
who found his rainbow on the bus, accord

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Friday, June 23, 2017

newton's cradle

Nothing can keep me from forgetting.

"Problem 94 challenges the reader to trace the origin of the word FEAMYNG, a purported collective noun for ferrets. Borgmann's solution, which spans four pages, shows the term to be a ghost word; it was the result of a centuries-long chain of typographical errors (from BUSYNESS to BESYNESS to FESYNES to FESNYNG to FEAMYNG) propagated through various dictionaries."

"In dust must splendid lads go down and choke,
Red dry their hands and dry their one day's sun
From which they earthward fall to fiery tomb
Bomb-weighted, from bloodying children's hair."

--Gene Derwood

Santa Muerte grimoire.


moth crawling on black tile, blue
& red flicker, caesious skies
of spring (new spring): somewhere else the storm
the fuzzy end of the parabola

anado-kuniklo misprise, excuse
nothing as the pattern serves its term

solstico, barely recall the rigamarole
the triggering-sign that waits in our urban sphere

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

haint blue

Before shopping centers die they acquire gravitas.

Cockroach Hall of Fame.

"Duties of gossamer" --Dickinson

Beige ops.

"Until recently, the primary way most readers read Forrest-Thomson’s writing was through Bernstein’s excerpts. Like Ennius, the Roman author whose writing survives only in Cicero’s quotations, Forrest-Thomson’s own work has largely been inaccessible..." --Adrienne Raphel in Poetry


my life divided by ices
i thole a cold garmonbozia
away whose taste ashen eightball
can thread, this pebble-strewn network

advise hardwired psilocybin
affordance loaned from the locusts
in thesterness, in doorbell hush

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

information poverty

Red Wolfs Den.

moth crawling on black tile
car through the arki blanka

Vision Creation Newsun.

"...while I usually try to teach a deep structure of concepts, what the median student actually learns seems to mostly be a set of low order correlations." --Robin Hanson


"Ceccaldi concludes that a posthumanist, verificationist account of discursive performativity contests the supposition that nature is impassive; that it is the byproduct of bio-molecular semiotic interferences, resisting total obliteration in an uncannily peripheral existential milieu."

A pill is a secret. A secret is a pill.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

a book of ablutions

our escape is difficult
to Plano zonal pot
the quantum
in Pripyat a feamyng
red ivy
through window

cesious solstice, tart entanglement
Enochian Prague
unpoob sunrise
green bandanna haint

blue moon hard by the Congo
a polite rain
through the magnolias
floods & rogue Bouzingo

The Kizaemon Ido. Note that the tea masters always preferred using Korean rice bowls to drink from--not the purpose for which they had originally been made.

One terabyte of kilobyte age.

"Knowledge is praised and desired by multitudes whom her charms could never rouse from the couch of sloth; whom the faintest invitation of pleasure draws away from their studies; to whom any other method of wearing out the day is more eligible than the use of books, and who are more easily engaged by any conversation than such as may rectify their notions or enlarge their comprehension." --Samuel Johnson

Moon Mansion update. (thanks Melanie!) Fizziewig 2014.

"As Erik Midelfort explains in his entertaining 1996 monograph Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany, in 16th-century Germany nearly 30 dukes, landgraves, and counts were regarded by their courts and ministers as mad enough to require medical attention or removal from office." --Richard Evans at Foreign Policy dot com, via blckdgrd blog "...As the crowds marched toward the imperial palace in Vienna, Ferdinand summoned Metternich and asked 'what are all those people doing there, then?' 'They are making a revolution,' Metternich replied. 'What, are they allowed to do that?' Ferdinand asked in astonishment."

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