Saturday, April 21, 2018

faith & snow

(royal temple of the emerald buddha, via)

The life and crimes of Palmer Rockey.

   keldspar, void's one barnacle;
is said & the resonance hangs
   yardang of breath, half the sky
emits such manic quietude
that the dank meme pulpitbull you
      think caught reeks of loss

T S Eliot was booked to read at SMU in 1958 by Lon Tinkle. 9,000 people showed up.

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Friday, April 20, 2018


(via return of the pleb on fb)

The trouble with Sam Harris.

williwaw pilliwinks schist
interestingness abjure,
pilgrim. once again lane blocked
a field of noise glimmering

remembrandt trush
cockroack milk moustache
on my organ donor card

ses purs ongles tres haut

"Why are you afraid of ghosts? Me, I meet them every hour of my life. They're what keeps the air fresh." --Lafferty


Thursday, April 19, 2018

ramshackle promises

(pic by Emily Carr "Totem Walk, Sitka" via)

A polar flyover.

1. for one who would have
no trace
on the internet
what does an artist want

if not sales

2. redbud no harbingerv our concrete desert's cherry
Charon's sprig

doomed oasis

"The portent wound in corridors of shells" --Hart Crane


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

toils of sucrose


with forthright gasketflicker
soundly whiterhinovoid
pilliwinge vengeful

"When Leibnitz was occupied in his philosophical reasonings on his Law of Continuity, his singular sagacity enabled him to predict a discovery which afterwards was realised--he imagined the necessary existence of the polypus!" --Isaac Disraeli

Worlds of Trappist-1.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

frictional unemployment

Hard Case Crime.

sinkhole seiche · beneath subfusc
our crowded skirmish · forward blindfold
in the garden of · accountability
shibboleths · in lieu of discernment

one unpronounceable street
crossing another

a coward's death · or a hero's
the terms · do not apply
in the razing of whole cities · in the killing time

on stilts made of debt
kept out of the muck
all the preachers of insight
lack insight
all the preachers of love
cheat & defile the poor

on stilts made of debt
kept out of the muck

a day slipped out of December
a lover of emptiness

the incandescent ones


Monday, April 16, 2018

one day my sinuses just opened up

("checkpoint" by f scott hess via)

The Dalecarilian Horse.

“It wasn’t really the great poem of antiquity that Dorrigo Evans wanted though, but the aura he felt around such books—an aura that both radiated outwards and took him inwards to another world that said to him that he was not alone. And this sense, this feeling of communion, would at moments overwhelm him. At such times he had the sensation that there was only one book in the universe, and that all books were simply portals into this greater ongoing work—an inexhaustible, beautiful world that was not imaginary but the world as it truly was, a book without beginning or end.” --Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North (2003)

alpha Corvi
angel proof
the rules of humans

customwer Kali
& the smell of asphault
& throwing words at these things


Sunday, April 15, 2018

manageably arctic id

(in Detroit: pic by James Mardis on Fb)

Pulp Malzberg.

I don't even know what happened
to the station wagon
I got painted black

incognito is the only mask;
mask, the only face

kid gets down on his knees to touch
the new-laid tarmac

the drone of a human voice
into a machine

incognito is the only mask;
mask, the only face