Wednesday, April 24, 2019

99. the very hungry cannibal

"...running Kali off is hard.
she is persistent with her
Black terrible self. she
knows places in my bones
i never sing about..."

--Lucille Clifton,br>

"He’s guaranteed a place in heaven. In fact, he’ll also be a real estate mogul in heaven and have his own Trump Towers."

as the hour that lives & the hour that dies are entangled
in this poem,

in the Festival of the Falling King

SΛUDΛDƩ playlist. The label.

Here ends the longpoem MAL CANTO.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

98. the art of the brick


mutiny on the tro-charjata lifeboat
lofts one-bite loaf
according to the Argus-otchkied woofus:
lost watch key, doofus,
laid to rest with wreaths.

"This music is also known as 'acapella,' but many groups have moved away from this Christian label ('acapella' literally means, 'in the way of the chapel')."

Monday, April 22, 2019

97. signing in the rain

(via bruce sterling on ello)

Mayhem covered by tweens.

moon entangled
by morning branches
so all the gone years shine

not the worst
but the worst way that gets there

though "Merci passeþ alle þinge"
double down on the looking-out

in the Festival
of the Falling King

"It has also been dubbed the Doomsday glacier."

(google street view via glitchphotography on tumblr)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

96. Mr Alarm

(via noealzii on tumblr)

"If we can’t imagine a world that’s different from our own, we’re never going to create it." --Kameron Hurley, 2019 interview

An appreciation of (the other) Iron Man. (via feuilleton)

In Saturn's clothes i fasten on a song
that forty years ago had flown the name
What is it in old battlefields of shame
can never yet persuade this war was wrong?
Ghost of a moon, though pale still looming huge,
whatever it was you taught me has gone by
leaving me matter in the centrifuge
& nothing but a demon in the sky

No traveller returns.

(via glitchphotography)

Saturday, April 20, 2019

91. architecture about dancing

"When you are deprived of both an outside and an inside, you have no choice other than being an arcane fiction, something that can only be whispered about."

besieged by noise

not a voice
but something derived from a voice

the rhythm in flux
the source questionable

all we are is dust
in a browser window

the menu a schema
among the earliest artifacts

waiting in my bathrobe
for the pants in the dryer to dry

my first album download

outside a mower roaring
ladle sunflower kernels

without spilling one

The Amish Millionaire.

(via glitchphotography on tumblr)

Friday, April 19, 2019

95. two clowns remain at large

(by "O Ocampo '98" @ Dallas Barber College on Jefferson in Oak Cliff)

"With thickening darkness closed the doubtful day" --"Pope's" Odyssey

"Ants appear in nearly every one of the prose pieces."

(hearing the song now
i chance to recall
how it would have moved me

seeming to describe
whoever held my heart at the time

can barely remember her
still love the song

that's how it goes
in the Festival of the Falling King

yet there was a time
i was swept up
to the seventh heaven

with her help)

"As I’ve grown as a writer and a human being, existing in an uncertain time – with climate change and nationalism threatening to re-forge the landscape of human civilization as we know it – my outlook on the world and the genre has shifted from one of distaste for all things sweet and syrupy to embracing the moral compass and real heroics of the people around me."

(via noealzii on tumblr)

Thursday, April 18, 2019

94. ferret area

"In the morning I see several friends escaping from the window."

time is like a hurricane
in the Festival of the Falling King
no eye of calm for novocain
time is like a hurricane
though barcode were the mark of Cain
still realms lie ripe for fossicking
time is like a hurricane
in the Festival of the Falling King

Of long ears & short.