Friday, March 06, 2015

further adventures of surface tension

(pic by steve jones via fb)

chipping ice
a plastic scraper

Jack Wright on Soundcloud.

he put the Getty in Gettysburg
he put the Vicks in Vicksburg

Alien Worlds on Youtube (part 1).

"I’d been thinking recently of how Catholicism, when shorn of political and social power, resembles a vast Outsider Art project..." --Darran Anderson

jihad, this.
Hyena laughter rings.

Lost city of the monkey god. (I just wish this was the explanation behind the Mystery Spots on Ceres...)


The mirage minted its quills into a claw."

--Eric Baus via @NeinQuarterly)

your tarot fortune told
with spiderman cards

Chinese punning. "While it is common to give gifts in even number increments, giving four of something is associated with very bad fortune because in Mandarin the word four (四, sì) is pronounced similar to the word death (死, sĭ), see tetraphobia. This taboo exists in Japanese and Korean as well, where the words are exact homophones shi in Japanese and sa in Korean."

(via wikimedia)

The Two-Minute Airplane Factory.

"Fruit flies darn the citrus fallen
and rotten in the late spring..."

--Didi Jackson in Floating Wolf Quarterly

Kim Dot Dammit goes to Forest Haven (part 1).

(via privacyinternational dot org)

Gwyneth does Olod Venus.


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

moats ooze

How may I find out how much my clown oil painting is worth?

The Second Encyclopedia.

"One day I'm over at his house to discuss this newspaper strip idea we had and he's talking about who we might get to draw it. I was going to write it and we were going to get someone else to draw it. I'm not sure what Bob was going to do on it except sign his name. I said to him, 'Bob, isn't it disappointing to you that you don't draw any more? You were once such a great artist.' He wasn't but you had to talk to Bob that way.

He said, 'Oh, no. Let me show you something.' He took me into a little room in his house. It was his studio. I didn't even know he still had a studio. It was all set up with easels and things and there were paintings, paintings of clowns. You know the kind. Like the ones Red Skelton used to do. Just these insipid portraits of clowns, all signed very large, 'Bob Kane.' He was so proud of them. He said, 'These are the paintings that are going to make me in the world of art. Batman was a big deal in one world and these paintings will soon be in every gallery in the world.' He thought the Louvre was going to take down the Mona Lisa to put up his clown paintings." --Arnold Drake, (via)

Selected clown paintings.

The Residents have it covered.

More selected clown paintings.

Pointillist ones.

An artist named Baby Clown Art.

    "The Skulker

Betrayal has seven layers, five of them destiny
sandwiched between black and white.
A card arrived with the bouquet,
in the back room on your bed.
The signal was busy the day at the beach.
One hundred and forty vignettes,
doesn’t matter what happened next or who held the camera.
In Adlieh I kept a key tied to my thumb
when you first met in long glances.
A falling star over my right shoulder
as you dropped the last vestige of your humanity.
She slid on the stretcher as we headed south
between love and the last meal.
That year the tomatoes volunteered and grapes returned
when beauty turned its hard back on memory.
I noted that it was a rudder not an axle
as defeat sculpted a new side between breezes
where we sat on the banks of Patagonia
waiting our turn."

--Carmen is a Cat

Dunn introduces The Pilo Family Circus.

13 Ways of Looking at a Quagmire.

    "Dallas Earthquake"

is it that the lines quiver,
things move of themselves

all that is solid
into air melts

our doom came knocking
we weren't there

What would you pay for John Wayne Gacy's clown art?

Keaton reviewed at Rain Taxi.


Monday, March 02, 2015

a measured scar at a full mile

(gateway to Ashgabat, via londontosydneybybike)

The story of The Anarchist's Cookbook.

     "The Dark Learning"

this fragile
heraldry of orpiment
limited as these triumphs
it is passage & sequester
Romanesque church
a long way from the ventilator ducts
dark cagmag
atom otaku
i just forgot to forget
treasures of ice
at rest on the overpass

Harper on Health Goth.

(via bldgblog)

"I would like to think of religion, on the one hand, as a technology of determining the boundaries of people and communities. ...I would like to think of poetry as an instrument of this kind of religion." --Ian Dreiblatt (via The Page)

There Will Come Soft Rains.

"don’t know who has the biggest mouths—chimneys, cedars, squirrels

I have a neighbor I never see at home but often in other cities

owning something from each of the last 100 years

teeth like cathedral doors

aligning the white mountain with the abandoned hospital"

--dan raphael


Friday, February 27, 2015


(Yyldyz Hotel, Ashgabat, via dntours-business dot com)

Rockabilly as a lifestyle.

" 'I choose not to believe in any gods as an act of charity,' Marcus said.

'Charity toward whom?'

'Toward the gods. Seems rude to think they couldn't make a world better than this,' Marcus said." --Daniel Abraham, The Dragon's Path (2011)

Missing Scholz's Star.

"Black buzzards were hanging in the hot air discussing whether this would be ‘carrion evening’ or not." --R A Lafferty, "Tongues of the Matagorda" (1982)

The palindromes of Bletchley Park. "Many of the great palindromes we know today were published immediately after World War II in the British journal Notes and Queries by one man, an itinerant engineer from the northwest suburbs of London." (via metafilter)

Guide to the Phantom Dark Age.

"and such pain is so familiar
that I know its colour!...--"

--Gennady Aygi, Selected Poems 1954-94 tr P France (1997)

Rimbaud museum in Harar.

"Hugo Black was once required by politeness to attend the funeral of a legal colleague he disliked. When a late-arriving colleague asked what had happened thus far, he replied, 'The defense opened.' " --Arthur Hlavaty, in: Nice Distinctions 26

"The essential color..."

"Shaviro helps to restore to poiesis its properly antic and slapstick materiality." --Kurt Newman in The New Inquiry (via woods_lot)

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

tongue-eating parasite

(via sweetspider on tumblr)

" Much mockery has been made of artists spelling their band names with strange typographic symbols, but in the early days of witch house this had a specific intent: namely to create a 'lexical darknet'...A powerful, addictive, stolen kind of music..."

"If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it."

--Zora Neale Hurston

Slavic Witch House & beyond.

("Tigers in the Night" by Erik Olson, via Kristin Chang)

More about the Random Darknet Shopper.

"And if they take your sleep away sometimes
They give it back again..."

--Hart Crane

A Fire on Dunwich Beach.

"My father, who had recently been promoted to the position of state painter in the local town bureau in compensation for his sufferings in labour camps during the Cultural Revolution, had all these literary magazines and Western music records in his office – chained to the shelves so that no one could steal them." --Xiaolu Guo via kristinchang dot com

End of the Silk Road anthems.


Monday, February 09, 2015


"This restoration of the O to the kingdom heart, Escher on his stairs..."

An amoeba move in on an iron crumb."

--Frederick Manfred

"By Modernism, the greatest poets are like the villains on the old Batman tv show, each known for his or her own inimitable brand of eccentricity, whether it’s Marianne Moore’s tricorn, Cummings’s typography, or Pound’s broadcasting career."

"...a sly, inexorable carousel" --Henry Roth

Propp's narratemes.

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know." --Diane Arbus

Second ana.

(pic by Paolo Jales via ayahuasca-info dot com)

"The existence of these clusters is so little known that most people don't realize when they're nearing the epicenter of Fort Meade's, even when the GPS on their car dashboard suddenly begins giving incorrect directions, trapping the driver in a series of U-turns, because the government is jamming all nearby signals." --Top Secret America, quoted on bldgblog

The Old Straight Way.


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

gerbil killers

(pic via @SaladinAhmed)

Taken by the Pterodactyl.

"...the only thing that I have learned about all people, that they are ghostly and that they are sometimes split-off. But no one can ever know for sure which part of the split is himself." --R A Lafferty

The Man Who Was Thursday dramatized.

"It is the sick clown who comes out of the great pain, and his motley is a deformity." --Lafferty


"The ghosts of history are in the details, in the negative space." --Cornelia Read

The first ghost planet.

"Philosophy breaks language from its moorings, sending it flying in new trajectories. In this respect, it is what Deleuze and Guattari called a “minor language” and stuttering. It’s left handed." --Larval Subjects blog

Momus on Kahimi Karie.

(via flickrhivemind dot net)


"Just as chopped and screwed lethargy seems to be everywhere between beats and vaporwave, this convergence amounts to the return of speed and complexity in ways guaranteed to blister even your internet-accelerated brain..."

"One day he announced he was going to write on the dwarf-kidnapping trade in the Middle East." (via The Page)