Saturday, July 04, 2020

plague pit poetics (day 116)

(virtual Yakutsk via)

"It is hard to overstate the giddying scale and speed with which edifices and norms of neoliberalism naturalised like weather or mountains over several decades are being swept away."

"Grown dainty o'er that clack-dish? Grime is grace
To whoso gropes amid the dung for gold"

--The Ring and the Book

Sorrow Lake.

danse macabre & egregore
too dense for wodwo
who has made his peace with a curious gray

nuts & bolts drinking scorpion wine
glare lunar
clowncore but mimics

veil of gneiss
passage of perfect calcspar

A Victorian vulcanologist.

their side of the bed


(Than Tsídéh, 19, of the Ohkay Owingeh pueblo near Santa Fe, dances on the empty platform after a statue of Juan de Oñate was removed. Photograph: Gabriela Campos/The Guardian via jo-ann mapson on fb)


Friday, July 03, 2020

stretto (day 115)

(mesquite sunrise with godzilla sahara dust, by michael puttonen on fb)

Generation Jones.

"I usually solve problems by letting them devour me." —Franz Kafka via @gabehudson

" warming is a kind of character in the book."

these ashes that are still warm
contumely · land of pure basalt
vigils held beside the road
Royal Wedding on the taiga
planets not yet logged in a book
worlds lost in the glare

pallid bust shorn of raven
ferries our cerulean triage
wheel in the sky & blank vault
Madeira quaffed in Savannah
march through excrement till Samhain
drink from a carved gourd

drowsy kingwise debacle
cobble · but such is not our fate
ages deprived of the dream
dry reed impressed into wet clay
Lacaille ninety three fifty two
song of a hard rune

green goblin out of Egypt
hyaline Ialdabaoth
& it's not coincidence
a statue sang for the pilgrim
we gave uses for the comma
& for swarthy milk

whirring of the glum tchukor
will never bid Tara return
completely burnt up the name
tune that shatters the lime rebec
khamsin with clinging teeth of iron
dead speech of Latin

lunar rays on hematite
nodules · haven for the godless
cobweb in the Hyades
in the streets flee the cough of plague
silently fail ucalegons
heroin supreme

absent repair from Tarot
whirligig with too much English
eagle's fall like sphinx of quartz
sugarglass word · Earth pregnancy
our clowncore turned miasmatic
wrath of pangolin

at noon the jet fighters dim
we are where we are in the game
selling the death of coral
snipers reopening Dallas
creep away to die in secret
talons in shadow

& there will still be people
not yet translated into ghost
werewolf hymn of celadon
still at defacing the coinage
cathedral into lead coded
artificial cave

caraway gymnast luncheon
howdah on a silver ostrich lost in this unstarry wood
Plimsoll alone lifts the steep rose
bathes despair in em'rald neon
bulwark made of foehn

forlorn Alexandria
my wheels trace no small arabesque
mortals scratch the isopleth
into another sere vortex
i unsneck ilka cicala
i am on a hajj

like passengers echoes come
but none of them may tarry here
redemption by grim yearning
pry your chains with a paperclip
colonize funest Maremma
lockdown ends never

through the gates of malachite
through the portal of last year's snow
whispers mathematical
trinkets & gauds of Metatron
i steal from ev'ry guarded urn
give back not many

by waxworks we're afflicted
& still may perish from the curse
a wasp that works in darkness
& a candle on the carport
no more use for all this money
nor indeed this weight

cards back in the bitter deck
elegies Plutonian made
mask of Abracadabra
khamsin caught in intricate form
around the pool i wind my walk
but dwell in legend

inimical the same air
by which we fling out the high call
of nothingness the nectar
of nothingness the crowded church
of nothingness the strict pidgin
Bishop taken rook

tiny screens of basilisk
nilpertain the survival quest
i'll be in the library
counting out my stolen silver
with my Rin-Tin-Tin lidless ear
under baobab

under star of the demon
sure we have plenty of hand soap
a stockpile of anodyne
& eternal frozen gnomon
under the blue gaze of Vega
or its image

perilous iridescence
landscape of cubed urban bismuth
which is its own chronic veldt
running with the most absent crowd
Molinist with spire of bronze
Durkin's falling short

but seldom bemoans the lack
strand of Plutonian ubac
in my charcoal fuzzy robe
cooking up the mirific calx
& how did i get here by swimming
or by palindrome

Saharan haze · beast language
suitable for a ghost planet
haywire bivouac on Hekla
because there is no other place
because there finds no other peace
no alternate ark

vessel spun of patchouli
in a gong-tormented grotto
wing flap of the resting owl
in a wry Klingon idiom
house shoes scrape on the stained concrete
venomous dimness

ideal for the nigh Parcae
& slosk ventriloquist cargo
tracking the arc of justice
from dense flames gather the lotus
making the world grammatical
with Junebug nozzle

this my anfractuous art
vows in the anthropoid ebbing
wobble of drunken balance
& supple transinfinite math
Latvian Gambit accomplish
but smug delusion

winning maybe four months' grace
geode in a box of agate
giant egg left by Mothra
unidentifiable buzz
sand flurry here of Godzilla
amidst fervent drouth

& i know the end is far
& it won't be in time for all
blaze of rosy azalea
not yet fadge a finer logic
charms as i wandered Tivoli
cannot remember

gravel of a sunk morning
all those caverns of makebelieve
the square root of red cabbage
the book that tells you where it's at
parable's sublime reversal
red Ras-Algethi

acquiesce to the Tsalal
& not the first repentant Faust
can still get killed in a car
or return to rebuffed smoked eel
triple mail in the snail cloister
a death alumnus

stalwart Nineveh
prisoned in balmy glimmer
its own antonym

How many drowned ages.

"on the dark path
not at all bothered
into the fire"



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Thursday, July 02, 2020

old news but still current (day 114)



"I have discovered a planet. Something lies there, intensely wishing for the past. An actuary could pet cats there." --@I_Find_Planets

"It is hard to avoid the conclusion that it is best not to think of accelerationism, in the first instance, as a set of ideas at all."

unseen cicadas
& the swimmingpool gurgle
alternately loud

so easily i lose count
of the laps no one else counts

"Watching documentaries about wolf packs, I was drawn to something about the omega wolf’s downcast gaze."

"You exit the time-machine and discover a rusty scanner. Its AI has an... interesting personality." --@future_junk



Wednesday, July 01, 2020

saharan dust plume (day 113)


"A humorous article from 1882 in the Dovorian...purports to report the conclusions of an antiquarian living two millennia in the future, who has researched the phenomenon of the top hat. ...The antiquarian is befuddled by the name and concludes that it must arise from the existence of an under-hat..."

"winter morning
deep in the mist
moving its wings"


"Because it’s a relatively new language, the literature written in it shows all the same kind of roughness and unsettledness and complexity that you would expect of a vernacular literature still young and in development."

soft season in the afterlife
or limbo bar that bends us low
& crying, so as not to laugh,
a fugitive from ev'ry rainbow
walks around this turquoise pool

& peers at clouds, & feels their pull

a plague spread fast by careless louts
a revolution in the works
a horse race twitter-feed relates
a slow onset of climate earthquakes
all perturb; he rounds the pool
& peers at clouds, & feels their pull

"Early on, triage just meant to sort..."

"Discover stub, weed, sludge, and ugliness" --The Ring and the Book

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

nowhere to snap (day 112)


"...I understand that the representation of self is not as it used to be." (via @jorie_graham)

"Echoes die off, scarcely reverberate
Forever,--why should ill keep echoing ill,
And never let our ears have done with noise?"

--The Ring and the Book

"And as the snow thinned the land..."

reaching the endgames
on the simultaneous boards
angel Prague

sundry weeks escaped clean from the calendar
shuffling letters to craft new pangram
perilous vuelta
syrtic riverfront enough

i withhold graisk from the karcist

Broken wand ceremony. (As seen in Columbo.)

"chilly wind
even among the stars"


(via @CloudyConway)

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Monday, June 29, 2020

coronahoney (day 111)


"In putting the mask on, the word kaburu (putting on clothing) is not used. Instead the word kakeru (to hang) or tsukeru (to attach) is used. In this way, it is implying that the performer is 'becoming' the mask..."

"Brisk Bishops with the world's musk still unbrushed" --The Ring and the Book

Leonard Cohen reading the Tibetan Book of the dead.

polar bear in a sandstorm
jauntily vomiting abaft
the skyey mouldwarp
i hail as sib

would rather not use this lingo
on a morning after rain
omote from Cipango
scourge, Cibola

too-white limit
& we cultivate the vault
outside, zombies crowd
pyramid Antares

famished Tlaloc

"So there is such a thing as time."

"And I would have all know that when all falls
In ruin, poetry calls out in joy . . ." --@Yeats_Quotes

(via @ClaraDaneri)


Sunday, June 28, 2020

the dove that is the world (day 110)

(via @16pxl)

"The poems that they have come to love so much and that are ubiquitous on the internet are forgeries."

"Brisk Bishops with the world's musk still unbrushed" --The Ring and the Book

"And the strongest slang of all is the slang of poets."

the sound of rain at night
mixed with a little thunder
some vast invisible star
prowling about till morning
& one dim rune

White bears in sugarland.

"...Calm I'll keep as monk that croons
Transcribing battle, earthquake, famine, plague,
From parchment to his cloister's chronicle."