Monday, October 20, 2014

mystery smoke

(Uspensky Cathedral in Kiev, via hdrcreme dot com)

Ebola vs austerity cuts.

"Alasdair Gray’s choice was “plakkopytrixophylisperambulantiobatrix” (the title of an unfinished poem by G. K. Chesterton)." --David Collard on TLS blog

(painting by Romio Shrestha, via metta dot org dot uk)

Clipboard man.

"Lawrence, with his typically Lawrentian gusto, asserted that Poe didn’t write about vampires as much as he was himself a vampire..." --William Giraldi

Not a dead parrot.

"Where perspectivism ought to be an encounter with otherness or difference, the lesson of perspectivism in popular culture seems to be something like the thesis that 'everything has their own perspective and everyone is entitled to their own perspective, therefore I shouldn’t have to attend to the perspectives of others.' " --Larval Subjects blog

(Uyuni Train Cemetery, via dreamstime dot com)

Nurses' statement (via archdruid report)

"... (as a good friend has speculated, the admirative mood simply must have mutated into 'the sarcastic mood' under communism, when every statement was required to be maximally superlative and maximally earnest)..." --Justin E. H. Smith

Ritratto d'autore.


Friday, October 17, 2014

banal obey: ebola nab

(pic by Todd Schorr via modest conspiracy dot wordpress)

"We are all displaced, we are all mobile."

"...Yet those far shores
That knew me not
Will feel the fleeting, furtive kiss
Of my tiny concentric ripples..."

--Frank Horne

"'d be surprised what a man will do to prove his own existence..." --Gaddis

Motorcycles of atonal venetian blind dust of wind roof top!

"generation after generation
of wronged ghosts pile up"

--Liu Xaobo

" I have no idea why being next to the sea on a blowy, sunshine-and-showers type of day is so exhilarating, but it is. It's like taking a short ride in a fast machine, but standing still." --Idiotic Hat blog

" 1991, the main job of a writer was to just write the next one."

we will be the ones
who threw it all away
the apathy that stuns
we will be the ones

after a million suns
have fled with their precious day
we will be the ones
who threw it all away

"It was my ancestors who supported me each time I began writing something. I even wrote some poems for them using the old language so that they could understand me."

" the late 1940s, each year one book was published for every 18,500 people, whereas today there is one book published for every 750 people. If poetry has consistently been 1% of all books published, and going strictly by the numbers, a book of poems published in 1948 was guaranteed a readership of 185 people, whereas today this translates to 7.5." --The Nondisenchanted Foreshore blog 6/16/08

"America employs more private security guards than high-school teachers."

" 'One Chinese writer plagiarized Dictionary of the Khazars and published it under another name. Then the Court in China reacted and called the real author of the work, Milorad Pavić. After that, the real Dictionary of the Khazars in China was released in 1997,' says Mihajlović.

'Instead of getting angry because someone plagiarized his work, Milorad Pavić, on the contrary, was delighted and even supported the Chinese writer, because he was, above all, happy that someone who was so far away from Serbia ever heard of his novel, and, on the other hand, that Chinese had the courage to do something like that.'

Mihajlović explains that today in China you can find two versions of Dictionary of the Khazars – the original and the plagiarized copy." --Ljiljana Begovic in GB Times


Monday, October 13, 2014


(via national geographic dot com)


"And of true love's forlorn renown" --LeFanu

Journey of the Highwaymen.

"While close overhead clap the quick mocking palms of the Storm-Fiend" --LeFanu

From Pol Pot to ISIS.

"It was a television set from his era of empathy choice." --John Clute, Appleseed

"Sometimes I wonder if the most important human experience is the narcissism of small differences." --maxsparber on Metafilter

The real Charlie Chan.


Wednesday, October 08, 2014


When the Voices of the Dead Finally Reach Us.

(image by Dariusz Klimczak, via rkvry quarterly)

"Every church or mission maintains an office for the day Hubbard returns." --Going Clear

"...The Mars Rover Spirit sent back this image..."

halloween early
a real honey well

aloha newel lyre
halal weeny role

alley healer now
allay newer hole

leeway all heron
leaner alloy hew

The weather turns momentarily mild.

"The grid is haunted by the specter of being-a-poet, which is a claim to personhood without authorization."



Monday, October 06, 2014


Sable Island (or not).

The Book No One Read.

"With the joyful grips of my fingertips
I held the oozy gunwale tight."

--Sheridan LeFanu, "Beatrice", in: Poems (1904)

Japanese Spiderman.

"It’s not just about knowing what the facts are and then thinking “ok, how would people respond to that?” You have to know what the facts are, what the population thinks the facts are, what the elites think the facts are, who’s making money off of it, and then ask yourself if these facts are having any real effect on the elites and if that effect is enough to outweigh the money they’re making off of failure...?" --Ian Welsh

The Many Temptations.

(Clay Lipsky via)

Ten Tanka Techniques.

"So all at once, “uniqueness” (1) motivates content production for social-media platforms, (2) excuses intensified surveillance, and (3) allows filter bubbles to be imposed as a kind of flattery (which ultimately isolates us and prevents self-knowledge, of knowledge of our social relations). Uniqueness is as much a mechanism of control as an apparent expression of our distinctiveness. No wonder it’s been automated." --Rob Horning via Tower of Sleep

Teach the Controversy.

Mrs Poe.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

bewitching mystery

(via the guardian)

"Send light back through looking for what else color might become" --Rusty Morrison

Proposed Titles for Sun Poems.

(from The Hands of Orlac, via 8tracks dot com)

Cry Isis.

"Prophetic dreams are the prerogative of the melancholic." -Lisa Robertson

Under a Crimson Sun.

(via Arhus University tumblr-search)

"He dressed in black, like some English Johnny Cash, except for a pair of lurid socks—fuchsia and acid yellow were favorite colors..."


Monday, September 29, 2014


(via national geographic)

"The best part is doing what I deeply care about all the time, and the worst part is that I never get home from work, and it’s never done, and it follows me everywhere."

"Did you mean cthulhu scene?"


"Like homeless ghosts, the social reality of these photographs haunts Detroit and America, signifying a despair so deep that abandonment is the only method left to represent their loss." --Vince Leo on Little Brown Mushroom blog

"This is a pitifully sad way of doing intellectual history."


"We’re encouraged to lose our possessions."

" get used to living among palimpsests." --The Recognitions

"No, this epoch is defined by the frightening weirdness of being impossibly bound up with other organisms."