Tuesday, November 21, 2017

the world is flan

"Love's bones now glimmer where his eyes once gleamed" --Ficke


    "RADAR (Palindrome)

Sun items emit,
for a dark radar
of times met in us."

--Anthony Etherin on Twitter


Monday, November 20, 2017

charlotte's wen

Sunday, November 19, 2017

books the fireman saved



This is a record of what has not been,
Is not, and never while time lasts can be.
It is a tale of lights down rain-gusts seen,--
Of midnight argent mad moon-archery.
Ah, life that vexes all men plagued us more!
And made us motes in winds that blew from far,--
Credulous of the whispers of a ghost,--
Fain of the light of some long-quenchèd star.
What were you that I loved you? What was I
That I perturbed you? Shapes of restless sleep!
A shadow from a cloud that hurried by,--
A ripple of great powers that stirred the deep.
And we, too supple for life's storms to break,
Writhed at a dream's touch, for a shadow's sake!"

    --Arthur Davison Ficke, Sonnets of a Portrait-Painter (1922)


Saturday, November 18, 2017

love in the time of cthulhu


A Tartar horn tugs at the north wind,
Thistle Gate shines whiter than the stream.
The sky swallows the road to Kokonor.
On the Great Wall, a thousand miles of moonlight.

The dew comes down, the banners drizzle,
Cold bronze rings the watches of the night.
The nomads' armour meshes serpents' scales.
Horses neigh, Evergreen Mound's champed white.

In the still of autumn see the Pleiades.
Far out on the sands, danger in the furze.
North of their tents is surely the sky's end
Where the sound of the river streams beyond the border."

--Li He via Language Hat

Terrestrial planet discovered around Ross 128 (despite the hurricane!). At Centauri Dreams. Drew ex Machina. And in fiction. But not without a name... At first i was going to call it Omoultakos, now i am leaning toward Josaphat.


Friday, November 17, 2017


Second notice.

" What if we were to interpret the obsession with safety and things like sports teams that play to a tie as a series of displacements and condensations, metonymys and metaphors, referring to a fundamentally different desire and unconscious awareness of circumstances? The world that parents and children have inherited is one of fundamental precarity and the absence of opportunity. It is a world where those that came before us on both the “left” and the right, deregulated every aspect of institutions that make social life possible, bringing about the disappearance of jobs, worker representation, the realistic possibility of retirement as a result of getting rid of pensions and replacing them with poor investment plans, and all the rest. They created a world that funneled money to the top 1% on the backs of everyone else, creating the largest wealth disparity in nearly a century. They created a world in which people are drowning in both college and credit debt, not because people or irresponsible or wish to live ridiculously lavish lifestyles, but because now, living from paycheck to paycheck, people are more or less forced into debt to make ends meet. They made a world where the planet is burning and dying in ways that might very well bring about the collapse of civilization as we know it. And they created a world where people feel powerless to do anything about it." --Larval Subjects

Arthur Davison Ficke.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

infinity's offer

"The long, mysterious Exodus of Death" --Longfellow

Black origami.

effectively infinite
child molester's scripture
bound in red leather

gurgle winds down
lust on a marble plaque


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

ellen hopkins discovers stanzas

(WFAA-TV via Darius frasure on Fb)

A short piece on experimental fiction.

Maroon Bilal, albino Roma road
As mists suspend, fog swirls, & ghosts deride.
Pauciplicate the miraculvert wusp
Rising from the mpoist glomrad.

Irk, bathe the takbir bright in reason wrong:
Clatter the dropped phone ring
I saw before as something not so real,
A reached-for rung.

A big semi
That's hanging off of a bridge
Mopar zebu lux:
Cih, Chicxulub, Ezra Pom.

Sea-green sleep invasion
Starred carved -egranate
Shinar you crazy diamond

Teeth cracked from the clench

Alchemist for the nuclear age.

(Rammellzee via)

"The final straw was when she discovered that the telephone had five different taps on it."