Tuesday, January 23, 2018

we have always lived in the crystal

blue eyes brown
planetary war

wind rising
off the fragrant steppe

spiral only
being the way there

skies so low
polvo-magiero gray

366 weird movies.

"...that most trivial of all feelings on earth: the stab of a missed opportunity." --The Gift

(alterstein, bavaria via)

Against the commodity of the poem.

2013-januaro-01 17:57:15 Tempodivalse says:
"(Ironically, Vükiped has 120,000 articles but they were all created by a bot. There are zero active editors. Just goes to show that you can't trust the numbers by themselves.)"

& acdibble replies: "They weren't all created by a bot. I created the pages on Earth, Mars, Saturn, the Sun, and the solar system."


Monday, January 22, 2018

la eracado erora

("Mondvogel" by Edward Jéné)

Music to Freak Your Friends & Break Your Lease. More.

in the subfusc before-the-storm
imprecation of sky i taste
there is nothing of Innsmouth. Harlequin,
laugh. Hazards of absinthe,
but nothing of the Old Gods.
What was sunken shall rise, streaming;
what was fallen shall rule.
In the subfusc before-the-storm crisis

i can only think of Innsmouth's absence.


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Sunday, January 21, 2018

days of yage

choc'late-covered cherries
changed to asterism
the pure polar darkness
palliates, last working.

Cathedral of mist.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

the very hungry maggot

"We, who the ‘experts’ said were ‘anti-social’, could never form communities, create our own organisations, build bonds and ties with each other – or, indeed, with anyone - have done just that."

sidewalk up the street is a sheet of ice
she blew me a kiss from the depths of dementia

how could they have transformed themselves so young
i was still attached to wearing socks

pale beige & paler cerulean
asymptote-mote caravanserai

"I've always loved Kierkegaard." --Jeff Koons


Friday, January 19, 2018

the secret guerdon

(Haumea & its ring, via)

particolored epochs
firstborn in a caul

hardcore soft porn

at the bottom of a lake
ice phase-shift

one peel of lemon
one peel of orange

poems i sent to Joey's rag
half my face burning



"He taught me how to take apart an ant-hill and find the caterpillar of a Blue which had concluded a barbaric pact with its inhabitants, and I saw how an ant, greedily tickling a hind segment of that caterpillar's clumsy, sluglike little body, forced it to excrete a drop of intoxicant juice, which it swallowed immediately. In compensation it offered its own larvae as food; it was as if cows gave us Chartreuse and we gave them our infants to eat." --Nabokov, The Gift (tr Scammell & VN, 1963)


Thursday, January 18, 2018

sonic the hedge fund

"Some say Lyman was God... others that he was a devil..."

on the gorilla channel
whispered from the remotest
quasar ever noticed
quisling clinic to jaywalk
runs risk of the Jabberwock
& if once drew rapture
during a picture's capture
both now've absconded

to some gorilla quonset

"What is the poet's solitude?--A circus number not announced in the program." --Paul Celan, qtd in Felstiner


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

a treatise on comic fire

palindrome drapa
one fragment
from the flames

no power in it
against all
the darkness

still that we have saved
this fragment

is something

Three thoughts on the group mind.