Monday, May 29, 2006

31. "Darth Shrub"

Hollyhock fishhook and soap · lost in a swamp of this word
adding andiron infancy · my singing snaps a diamond

of indigo crystal night · vision about going coil
if you want to go as far · incognito cobalt wolf

by icily Xibalba · city among frothing slag
with idiocy idyll · duration of my sand will

snaps a diamond Hollyhock · warily i follow you
rim dark flying dark acid · icily singing cargo

and iron indigo raucous · cobalt of into charcoal
lurch night immortal sandstorm · gallops accruals scarab

cryptic profound from grip iron · to frisking did lungfish turn
to frisking did wodwo wind · with a blood acid rainbow

snowman away vacuum glow · briskly away vacuum sound
you abut my spiral wall · iguana rhost my slow myrrh
2. "Paint You Hands With Maroon"

Fall in Carcosa:
Mists drift across a diamond.

Cars void of occupants roll and growl
Forth gray's word;

Diwn scorch, collaboration fills our crystal
Barroom with zonda

Fronds. Carcosa aliquot
Blows holy.

island · narrowly i kingdom ump

indigo · swim loo
abash Narcissus dybbuk · nonjuror airt

rank rodomont · owl-light warp
low Yalta ironhat · Kalmuck ivy-owl nab grim dump

only morass until murk platinum · idol numps
dungfly · illicit grisly

orbit snag which · inks mulch lungfish obitdorp
ormolu · ambit

bituminous antfarm · sarcasm
hook · nougat

Friday, May 26, 2006

23. "Giuoco Piano"

Morbid blooms of magnolia, crypto-coup
has found its way into my quick haiku.

Shub-Niggurath riffs and nothing myrrh
but signifying with moist sounds of Pooh.

Sugary-salt granola bars bring down
'with its customary flying sparks,' Ogpu.
E. "Giddy Ingot"

Star cold languor, fictional music
'and with contagious fang' unfurl aurora

Fathoms turn to blood
thy ingot
13. "Abtar Ibtida"

Putrid pathways sang a glitch
rollchair stock is up. Faring dragon

if Dubyabacks go to Norad arroyo
now, iron rook

at acornfall star.
Support our insanity, O lungfish droog.

My soul is my own
raghdirst. Crystal tobacco

and orthography kills and acid
storp pidgin.
3E. "Non-Functioning City"

with wraiths of Uuchathon · joust
this mission · this blindfold storm

aroma of rain · fury
afar · don't stop · last shadow

floppy and choking music
to gallop · traik Xanadu
3. "0% APR"

Coil rosg, druidicals bijoux firm
Phantom fury slack.

Inform our cosmic civil war, Gray.
Much logic

Much smoking mirror. Gibbous
Chalkydri hazaj

Bling hazaj amid tumulus rock
And Rolaids a maskful cairn

Would bring us topaz portal out of chaos.

Umbrist imgrat · abuts frost
misgiving ostrich stash · zinc ammunition

ogmic · broil
tantrum sky · fallback

ubangi huzzahs sting · askant off
frabjous · sobornost

using · ithyphallic amps
ginormous asparagus · against

wisp · avant
gird and aglow so · isotopic strum grunt
33. "Rights of Surrogacy"

fists i catch in words of God
clogs umgang this pillbug of God

swiping fog from a window
is its dark nirvana of God

pallid and sugary wisps
who boast a liaison of God

worldly striving most who push
harps is strict paradox of God

vagabond and mystic i traik
putsch vast frost of God

Thursday, May 25, 2006

1E. "Twilight in Plano, IV"

Curufin gulag dry hurl of Cibola
and again bury old rain

ugly odium bring hydraulic whims
but grim glow fold if scam sin

body algid lamp

Monday, May 22, 2006

12. "Ahriman"

Prior-to-dawn fog (java
occultation) so

"Maintain Carnival" gandom runfight
crismon idnigo puslation (it's basic)

of faltisanship--group a wants to stand (dark)

Crofit for ponstraint without, but that
; ad (Aradia)

Onslaught; fol-
(unkind light in dold cays) lows cold
3F. "Dubious Mission"

doctor in a looking glass · man is wolf to man
moon of folly angry star · man is wolf to man

driving through a tidal soup · tuning in and crying
polliwog of tragic arts · man is wolf to man

crystal and tumultuous · gulag grail prolific
filch dominion indigo · man is wolf to man
10. "Shoon"

Affirm tulsing popaz click thick dirt
nothing from it wash

Start climb shah
gymnasium contrapuntal phobia

Also hymn His mutiny
and at lurch of first stars pun

Find did nothing wrong
down cold drug

Authority upon crystal invasion
raucous orphans and fun mountain gray

Dawn cold hit
who told truth didst thou ink acid Mars
21.      "Khamsa"

Incubus candida Xanadu
unruin turn alb

No fourth wall
but sand wintry Farfisi

Wintry guitar wintry drum solo wintry
hiss of black vinyl

Masuda aloha baboon Mab
maroon thought

Rolm moray, wintry thalassa this gnomon
what our troops our ballots did

Soaring in Rosicrucian
night andtragic slag

Oscar Tarawa moray cloud mad
maroon Xanadu mud maroon Mazzaroth

what you do
on a cold morning

morbidly irrational
anguish fishing in agonistic ambit

boring drug
abyss with adiabatic black

myth filth drowsy crop
captor Stygian hit word

and far flung nab and agama nub
digs as whist

A killing jar halcyon sabbatical
in infant camo

buildings that shift color as
untranslatability pulls countdown

Craving thralldom portal, syzygy
of chaos

and finks a hitword Baghdad
spork divinity

among cars and crisp shadows that harry us
i sit and think about a lost dord

our wrong road
and blackjack won friths

chronopausal, claws in fact
at that spirit of Ginnungagap

snows abort
with jolly or stirious accordions

abandon quarry gawkily, brood Krypton
strong in hurt spots, strong

bulbous capitalism
will not aid us will not halt this drouth

swamp glows go
bobbing soaring spiralling without a sound

and sordor runs high
falutin' indigo jay

Jindyworobak sticks Baja fjord
No gliding protocol in a maroon rain

no hand of
Fatima lights our

haggard run; but i will not admit
that i'm afraid. In this snaking baobab

domain, command wills its buzz
through pliant

skin and iron and pours
down Taproban to

light a cairn, cairn or monition told. This star
is blind on ruin thrown and occult

on fragrant
blood it calls forth from our flag

a plastic doom words among
fathoms cold

find tragic numb in blood-thrusting vault
no click its only food annihilation

and subfusc
fuzzy thralldom your passport

to Cibola in
fact action flicks must carry my sign

as most lost wizard-hooligan of longhorns
and rainbows go far

in gray domain sad cyclical thirst
for blood is

our sky and our gravity
bulbous anguish to watch Bugs Bunny of faith

and Rolm built and alibi

i was not lamping
and troops did not ply Albunalith

as i saw and did not and lock picking bias
found my lips black snow

found glory
lamping this allotropic

bitmask. I will cry wintry coins of basalt
sinking in Athagatagarbha

a dokhodyaga and Ghayb

old Sumatra your toxic gnosis
diwn braking sorrow

coilthorn mists, vacuous cinnabarcolor
you find rich truth in, my grout;

and Pluto
can but bury us in Caulaucauch.

A burgundy moon
i catch up and wrap in soft argus for you.

Bright olibanum
and its swarf
and its music lay this ghost.
32. "Cicada Days"

soda of tamarind
brush trail of labyrinth wodwo

dull rust color cloud
autopsy trap

rural Fomalhaut
wigwam soul sulfur

Saturday, May 20, 2006

1F. "Tasting Alnath"

'rising and falling with passion' wash
'shot glass full of vodka and' phobia

'I just had a cramp'
soaring off glacial blood drug

voting booth
Plano pillbug pillbug Plano pun
30."R is for Rutabaga"

cicada nights scully raps
oddly ranch insight

fighting against thorny atavists
as ask scams

hubris fly Olofi my brandish handcuffs
spoon usually borscht

idiot adrift glow by grasp farm
and scuttling shadows kinky
1. "Frisk Not"

A stark fist of approval nails you
Snail acid crystal in mansions of charcoal.

Hamtaro garmonbosia
Through night to thing frith.

And it's hard
Mutiny has its argot:

I want to down cold grow crystal scorch
If a moon say aught, Altair,

In its coil pallor;
In its astroturf and solitary church.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

B. "Liberty Cabbage"

Lovers long ago dead breathe
Trapped in a few gray pages.

All the wild places where a
Gun is worth more than a child.

He is mad who holds this book:
A snowflake from next winter.
26.  "The Brights"

Now the hard road lengthens:
Return, between bad tires & the scarred road, lengthens.

A wonderful dream happens to someone else
Beyond; & the barred road lengthens.

"Truth is both dogmatic and intolerant"
Says a sign, & the marred road lengthens.
17. "Sloth Circus"

Curviangular CIRCLE,
  Black like ICARUS.

All too
fin de siècle
  To sway the RAREST.

Do you think churls can garland
  The will to CREATE ?

But do lay a spun steel wreath
  For its soft LUSTRE...

There are forces in the stir
  And fray of night we ESTEEM.
3A. "Letting Go of the Language"

burning children rain
early in the morning
lift a swarthy lamp
early in the morning

thunder on the way
finger wears a thorn
Starbucks does the math
early in the morning

bodkin handle's set
rubies by Graywyvern
nothing tungsten ends
early in the morning
7. "Enduring Freedom"

Greasy terrible crave rain
This insanely beautiful gun

Cloudless skies day sea yearning
A faint gnash from the blue TV

Raucous sleepwalkers' passion
Star cold gnat ash fain Cibola

Null flying acid Saturn
Has giant fan streak cold Aleph

Them them I them evection
Carbonaceous I the plaid lamp

A fang has tin Xvarenah
Greasy crystal do I balance

Carbonaceous I doveskald
Isfahan Graywyvern war.

Friday, May 12, 2006

2A. "Under the Ion Hammer"

Master of kiteslipt Spetznaz, amnesia is our leader;
Determinancy gone, abductee is our leader.

The tenuous adhesion of a cotton hush
Yields prismatic derangement whose rent church is our leader.

In strawberry fields of self-hypnosis I too roamed:
A maple sapper of the charcoal is our leader.

And your good squirm of lurid flashbangs now protrusive
As kudzu, cannot fail to dub you as our leader.

Leader! into caverns worn with jackboot march
No throe may deflect; epigraph: flambeau is our leader.
1B. "Call Lee lectric"

  Die on renegadeSABERS
Wear a nacreous AMULET

  Tell the band how you love them
In a flicking of tame BUTANE

  Time itself is diff'rent now
Since the terrible ELATER

  Therefore we are free to kick
Butt; we are free to RENEGE

Anthems of our pride scorch the scrytch
    Veldt in STEREO
36. Exquisitely Emily chrome magnolia
Dickinson Viking melancholy crowded

Solitude where a subterranean wind
Battles the firmament grid for brig airspace

Iridescent sallies still more passionate
Than the iridescent pflungg ideogram

Meet you in Emily Dickinson attire
Where burning utterance names the wind Tokay

No angel jowls on Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson haunts the chrome unnamed

Belly for this, muses a strange appendage
Structure mien in the belly of angel graves
16. "Two Judgments & a Torment"

Pallid joys, viaticum.
The dying-away of the protected-left arrow.

From when you were learning irony,
And when you would savor the consonant clusters.

A sneeze could lose it all.
A big truck's backup-beeping.
3B. "Dissenter Tiredness"

pictures in the fire
bitter strength in the fire

let us lay our books
accordingly in the fire

soon fnd our tenderest
illusion in the fire

oneday we shall know
Pazuzu in the fire

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A. "Newborn Ice"

A thousand days from the same chipped cup.
The mind stilled by a perfect word.

Demons in the Kush lift tentacle
Against it, there is nothing but perfect silence.

Crepuscular & classical guitar
Deranged by the perfect strangness

Of a day without coffee then resuming.
Iliotibial burqa, my hands perfect triangles.
27. "Abandoned Servitude"

Measured-in-breaths respite, this hall of mirrors
Glitteringly spins like a ball of mirrors.

Cross & recross the 38th Parallel,
Our lost patrol after the fall of mirrors.

There are those who refuse all chemical love,
And then surrender to the call of mirrors.

This blind astronomer carves the Milky Way
To be his targe against a squall of mirrors.
1A. "God's Fault"

  And the gate is not JASPER,
And the ghettos refuse ATTUNE.

  When you arrive, they'll roll out
Red velvet for your toothpick STILTS.

  I, too, paid my obeisance
At that philosopher's PULPIT.

  And crumbling towers annul
And red velvet spiders ENTICE

They say it was a pewter day
    That the rust RESTED
37. "Our empty cages beckon, Abelard"

And if rain is a relic
The wet Steeplebush is clear

Mithras, stagmire, Therion
'Cola break out of the north

Investigation novel
Moko Kh-11.
6. "Abandon A Slime"

In fancy's labyrinth i wandered long
Lis'ning to the bzura & the foehn.

Eloignment seems invalid to a Vandal,
Who seeks for other dividends from his yoga.

Yet let extreme doritos delve our love
For davening be the veldt of this aroma.
2B. "Tadpolian Hareiously"

Ask after her like the secret
Shadows which are being lands

At Karcist Christmas
Rubber roach in the fallen lands

Lurg among many eld currents
Fulmar to the bleak banner

Meet exotic, interesting people
And kill them in their own lands

Monday, May 08, 2006

25. "Planet of the Republicans"

Now that our world has been taken over by red-assed baboons,
Those who are not will still want to act like red-assed baboons.

Ask for a little mercy, ask for some sense
You're sure to be shouted down by a choir of red-assed baboons.

We few cowed humans left when we meet each other
Can't even bring ourselves to say the words "red-assed baboon".

c. "A Flautist Flouts Flaubert"

Foolish twinge purlieu, conlang
Flame war receive as ink curse.

Nonexistent home's glitter
Of unspooled tape; Ixiptla

Bore the brunt. Have no more will
To cherish fading Karnak,

Amber glow down slack find pulse:
Nor sacrifice.
39. "On Olive Waters Askew"

Through waxen window, Mercury in retrograde;
Stares Quasimodo, Mercury in retrograde.

We sterve within craptacular weather Reason's made
Its very shadow, Mercury in retrograde.

Unfolds the Dance of Death--& strung through it renegade
One loco torpedo, Mercury in retrograde.

Graywyvern was by Stego tracks & slub betrayed,
No desperado: Mercury in retrograde.
18. "Not to Write About It"

  The silent zoo courts MERGERS
Whose lilac coolth seems ETERNAL

  In the bay of a wiki
The tremulous bright REGATTA

  Jairce, a flow of martyrdoms
T'ward Babylon like GRAVITY

  All the empty tennis courts
Our emoluments ENTITLE

  They are wasteful of pebbles
And the warning of the RATTLER

But this is no lure like the songs
    Of famous SLAYERS
29. "Poem"

A bone fragment yields
In the lab, the ghost of a name.

The days temper their heat.
I continue to meet detours.

A soldier a day dies;
Victorious, all.

The skies darken predictably.
Someone defaces my bumper sticker.

Halliburton cashes in.
The days temper their heat.

I continue to meet detours,
And the new road still is not done.
8. "Inappropriate Mourning"

My circle of fire is a babe in the woods,
I can't use my new astrolabe in the woods.

I batten on absences pond'rous & bright:
My mome raths like home truths outgrabe in the woods.

But think you of erstwhile crusades--were they right
To follow an officer's vaib in the woods?

some long ago sunshine they laid away
for when there would be none

cicadas, to blossom
after a time in the ground

for when we want faces again
and to dance: they made this jazz
1C. "Fleet & Fleeting"

  Parrying tubeway MONADS
To buzz like a sidewalk OMELET

  Despair does not silence me
Though cancers in my krewe NESTLE

  'Jesus just left Chicago'
Took his campaign bus to ALTAIR

  And the birds will all tell you
Ain't no pretty song can DELIME

The concrete shines clench sinuses
    Croons the STEREO
3C. "Delivery Failure Notice"

our children is learning to die
the lacerates ran down
in khaki, in flannel, in black
the lacerates ran down
with fancy toys, in the broken streets
the lacerates ran down
& their cries is not the news
the lacerates ran down
their blood is not news
the lacerates ran down
their pain counts for nothing next
the lacerates ran down
to the immortal
the lacerates ran down
glory of Donald Trump's haircut
the lacerates ran down

Friday, May 05, 2006

15. "Spongebob Lojban"

'Stopover of bone, avoids the useless row'
Toolbox smell & chill clasp hideously iron.

If any fane hold wind in motion, feign
This bootless, rootless tinsel idiocy will.

The roses hidden by fog & distance now
Are still as vestal, still as fraught with light.
28. "The Alternate Martians"

On the dusty plateau a
Startlingly covariant link.

Viroid trawlnet it's easy
To lose chrome of your hermitage.

Caress where ivorine shade goes
To Civet House.
9. "Frost Management"

Drowning in the blue flames of it.
Learning all the wrong names of it.

Necessity clytes with a whirr
So i may share the games of it.

Silhouettes blur
But i can't 'scape the claims of it.
38. "Night of the Perseids"

''The occupation of my fingers waves'
Apricot dawn, floating Saturn delves

And eyeball bling reflects the fiery columns
On some dark plain where nothing living moves

And i can't see the way ahead, nor summon
More than the shadow cast by old resolves

And this rich swarm, tuned to a cheerful drone
Creeps to its mundane Calvary in droves

And nothing i'll ever write can hope to carve
What moonlight through a break in the verdure carves

And slowly to a boil the lobster pot
Of Earth, unchecked, still grows though no one grieves

And she i love does not receive her due
Nor flourishes in the rain of random knives
19. "Div Divvied Up Into Aphorisms"

  Here dream wanderfeast VASSAL
Collides with a plot too ACTIVE

  I wanted to get a stone
Like the one they flutter in STORES

  Tales from another shipwreck
Than the work of blithe SIRENS

  Wings that can take you halfway
To where all your fathoms AVENGE

It's up to you, Daddy-O, sweet
    Throngs not to LESSEN
2C. "Nativity Scene"

  Silent moiety...candle
Nights. Digicash the flesh candle.

  The ice missal takes all tears
Flickers like a windy candle.

The five of us were born hungry
    Burn in void's candle
5. "Carbonaceous Payola"

If justice were to exist
We would still choose otherwise.

Just your yieldingness of breasts,
Just the light that your skin holds

And the starfish of brown rust
And the zarf moral torture
D. "Shub-Niggurath"

Leave similitude the nude brazier
   Dance in forests of azure

Zirpugjyqi Pink Lady LP
   And a glade for good measure

The crystal elevator softly
   Jibes with the lit embrasure

Spirals on the face of Ana Voog
   Channels & liquid seizure

In the aromatic goods quarter
   I ply incessant closure

A black eikonopilch of Cthulhu
   Done with dots for my pleasure

In Origins a bizarre ghazal
   Merely to lull the leisure

Who will be vetust Graywyvern next,
   The vandal or the glazier?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

24. "GHAZAL"

the black hand of fortune black hand of glory
under desert skies despise the land of glory

soldiers they bring the next big thing regardless
none of them wants to earn this brand of glory

and dying out there it's clear what they've accomplished
and i from afar am charred with the command of glory
3D. "A Poem Full of Holy Secrets"

The call of the minaret
Like a sonnet in Fortran

Three hundred sixty five
Days i plummet in Fortran

Angel on a bridge in Prague,
Chants a parrot in Fortran
14. "Springtime in New York"

We did not visit the site. To live it all, again,
Not knowing any whose fate was never to call again?

Some think we ought to build them right back up
And let more suns fling out that double pall again:

Or leave two holes inside one higher tower,
The better to make our vivid loss appall again...

Or put the search lights back, whose eerie pillars
Showed to the world America "stood tall" again...

No new-commissioned monument with names
But forgetfulness will drape in the white long haul, again.

My raven says the Cracked Sphere might just fit,
If you give peace the chance of its strayed snowball again.
2D. "The Ice Missal"

Polluted rain rag windshield streak
Horse drawn vintage Corvette

My struggle shadowless
A house of broken crockery

The lane keeps disappearing, too,
As the rain burgeons where

I could have seen the Eiffel Tower
Before, & will after
Johnny & Luther Ntoo came
To Queen Beryl's coronation.

We'll have no more morbidness
After the winds of Stakehitch go;

Mad cow'd in a nameless decade,
Stogie hummingbird.
1D. "Biathanatos"

  Mirror that the years DAPPLE,
Black perennial AZALEA.

   Letters read by candle light,
Slowly; the truest the PALEST.

   Secrets inscribed in the blood
There, beyond the desire to PLEASE.

   Of ev'ry ScyllCharybdis
I never desired the LESSER.

Though their empire rivals our own
      The ants are EATERS.
Slag, chrome, the transNeptunian detainee
   crumbling walls in the night thud

Roads that change their courses as
   you return upon them, gerrymander

By a sputtering candle grammarians drink
   from square goblets of malachite

Sagging, shiny, black polyurethane
   now seals the car window broken at the theft

We would write on ourselves for that day
   curviangular letters of dripped henna

A terrain abandoned, neither wild
   nor civilized, in the bleak aftermath

They stiffen & grow stubbornly silent
   for any question requiring them to think

Vats in which the makings ferment
   that will someday be sonorous kimchee

Gray cypress to build with, here in the pall
   where all lesser woods turn deliquescent
40. "Amayxoya"

Torpid Sunday, aorta
Hardly glubs, polka

Of doom, ghost brinksmanship fails, a katydid
Squats as osmium in anagram

Gray raga
An aroma of Satan

Contagious Christians
Carry, crisply stars unfurl within basalt

And i find my only lackwit sky

A story without skuas
Flashing, and i look up in vain for a cloud.

Monday, May 01, 2006

11. "Night of the Bleeding Ear"

In the time of the fall turn
Of the Towers turn to stone.

Coming toward their valleys as
A dense cloud of sacrifice.

The wind-curved sandhills
Mgnidn, dark pungent gneiss.

Greasy wall of starfish weaves
In my dreams bitter calcspar.

Mutiny avalanche here
Subservient to the sound.

Of essential fire, em'rald
Did: not carbonaceous loves.

Sleepwalkers in the Temple
Cold, of Starry Orgasm.

Profound crystal & painful
Doom; we are dying, Egypt.
22. "Tales of the Recent Future"

I wake at morn & go to sleep at night next to you
Uncomprehending i memorize the text of you

It is not from lack of languages or smarts that i
Like Kafka in the hive, find myself perplexed by you

The sun grows cold, the landscape turns to mud & shambles;
His arts fail, but never yet has Gray been vexed with you
F. "King Zog"

Candle that smells like leather
Twill in the Nacreous Oughts

Space Shuttle Pinball, & pale
Ineffable bluish grays

Already have that robot
A shower radio, not

And a desk size Zen garden
To think upon other worlds
20. "Hejira Rock"

Co-orbital Cruithne,
Five-years-ago-found Cruithne.

You spiral from our backdoor
To the other side, Cruithne.

Three miles in diameter
Black mystical stone, Cruithne.

Seven hundred seventy
Years till you return, Cruithne.

And what do you remember
Of this azure sphere, Cruithne?

O Cruithne, our companion,
Who knew you were there?
31. "Sweeping up glass from my car that was stolen, on a dark overcast day the day before i go on vacation"

This spot might have been Dallas.
By the sparseness of its green.

That dusty churning has left
No enduring enigma.

Once a pilgrim tarried here
And carved her many a poem.

Poem upon poem, till the mass
Towered like sable coral...

The travail is long, lonely;
And ragged his fedora.

If for a moment he rests,
It is not to ask the way.

Through this glad abandonment
A wind gives north to the flesh.
2. "Soap Hat Area"

I hearken, & her least
Tintinnabulary gesture

Adds to the cryptic record
That is ziggurat & maelstrom

Of one without land or water;
And only incident'lly, art.
2F. "Vet No Denial"

The night is wild
The sores are without issue

Will herald new era

Like its predecessor
23. "Of Being Frumious"

My music takes the road
Though i refrain hejira.

Frankincense, this much fire
To satisfy the demon.

Dollars less & less gold:
No heyday is this of Rome.

Far, this Praha hajji
In search of chatoyant wine.

I lay me down in sand.
I lay me down in the dirt.

Tell me the millionth death
Will not be the death of Mars.
E. "Corinthian Moog"

.More flickering spectacles
tiring of, turn to candles

There are so many mansions
In the romance of Orange

Schedule an hour for sewing
And for fucking, another

A candle like mountain air
Almost made him remember

Watching snow in the moonlight,
Coyotes from a hot tub

Indeciph'rable, like a
Beach full of morning flotsam

Patterns i have memorized
In dismal floors of waiting

Finding a quote to copy
From a book on a strange shelf
13. "At the Quark Star"

Or maybe highlight
on a neutron ball

Do top quarks rule there
are the strange oppressed

Do the charmed flourish
do the down scribble

Do the blue despise
the green & the red

We already know
so much about you

Did the cockroach die
i heard in the night
3E. "The Great Game"

Salad days of vampire,
Warp for which a people longs,
In the black scripture told.
Halcyon dawns of autumn
Fracture my sense of ingrown wrongs
In the black scripture told.

These are the taken tokens
Fires by night & deals awry
Wandering fires i answer to
Like a drudge with random songs
In the black scripture told.

Tithe or crimson fathom
Stars that the legionary names
Dying far from comfort
While the laughter rings of throngs
In the black scripture told.
3. "The Other City of Angels"

All the blind turnings in the maze of love
No more than porcelain sink keeps water's diary-

'Main, blizzard of silk, whisper-panoply,
And ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost riders.

Poems without eyes or faces or lips or hands
Indeed, not even their mazy host incriminate

With recognizable clues
A casting director could use
2E. "Heaven's Suicide"

'Throw out evening
Celebrate his gold shadow'

The suicide cult named
After a big budget flop

Evening's suicide celebrates
Shadows that name