Monday, May 22, 2006

21.      "Khamsa"

Incubus candida Xanadu
unruin turn alb

No fourth wall
but sand wintry Farfisi

Wintry guitar wintry drum solo wintry
hiss of black vinyl

Masuda aloha baboon Mab
maroon thought

Rolm moray, wintry thalassa this gnomon
what our troops our ballots did

Soaring in Rosicrucian
night andtragic slag

Oscar Tarawa moray cloud mad
maroon Xanadu mud maroon Mazzaroth

what you do
on a cold morning

morbidly irrational
anguish fishing in agonistic ambit

boring drug
abyss with adiabatic black

myth filth drowsy crop
captor Stygian hit word

and far flung nab and agama nub
digs as whist

A killing jar halcyon sabbatical
in infant camo

buildings that shift color as
untranslatability pulls countdown

Craving thralldom portal, syzygy
of chaos

and finks a hitword Baghdad
spork divinity

among cars and crisp shadows that harry us
i sit and think about a lost dord

our wrong road
and blackjack won friths

chronopausal, claws in fact
at that spirit of Ginnungagap

snows abort
with jolly or stirious accordions

abandon quarry gawkily, brood Krypton
strong in hurt spots, strong

bulbous capitalism
will not aid us will not halt this drouth

swamp glows go
bobbing soaring spiralling without a sound

and sordor runs high
falutin' indigo jay

Jindyworobak sticks Baja fjord
No gliding protocol in a maroon rain

no hand of
Fatima lights our

haggard run; but i will not admit
that i'm afraid. In this snaking baobab

domain, command wills its buzz
through pliant

skin and iron and pours
down Taproban to

light a cairn, cairn or monition told. This star
is blind on ruin thrown and occult

on fragrant
blood it calls forth from our flag

a plastic doom words among
fathoms cold

find tragic numb in blood-thrusting vault
no click its only food annihilation

and subfusc
fuzzy thralldom your passport

to Cibola in
fact action flicks must carry my sign

as most lost wizard-hooligan of longhorns
and rainbows go far

in gray domain sad cyclical thirst
for blood is

our sky and our gravity
bulbous anguish to watch Bugs Bunny of faith

and Rolm built and alibi

i was not lamping
and troops did not ply Albunalith

as i saw and did not and lock picking bias
found my lips black snow

found glory
lamping this allotropic

bitmask. I will cry wintry coins of basalt
sinking in Athagatagarbha

a dokhodyaga and Ghayb

old Sumatra your toxic gnosis
diwn braking sorrow

coilthorn mists, vacuous cinnabarcolor
you find rich truth in, my grout;

and Pluto
can but bury us in Caulaucauch.

A burgundy moon
i catch up and wrap in soft argus for you.

Bright olibanum
and its swarf
and its music lay this ghost.


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