Tuesday, June 30, 2015

i only buy the souls of published poets

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Upcycle that.

"In the end, it is the mystery that lasts, and not the explanation." -Sacheverell Sitwell via @MrKittyFluff via @HarrySKeeler

The Moon from Yutu.

"I mean if we're going to live in a cyberpunk dystopia we might as well look the part." --The Whelk, on Mefi

Views of the Book House.

Story is to Analog Space as gravity is to the World.

Truly phildickian.

"Like more the tremor of a cithern string" --Aldrich

Widerruf again.

"Strike down the capital--the thresholds quake;
The pillar falls--its moulded cusps must burst.
A murky smudge leaves Heaven's lights opaque,
And Earth's remaining span is henceforth cursed."

--Raphael Loewe (tr): Ibn Gabirol (1989)

All of Nimrod.

The history of the world is inscribed in the history of the world's words.

Raise Hell.

"The protest years were over not just for me but for a whole generation and in music, just like in politics, many of the greatest talents were dead or in exile and their place was filled by third-rate imitators." --Nina Simone.

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The thing walks again!

"But as a grove of clustered tamarisk trees" --Aldrich


Friday, June 19, 2015

ultimate storm castle

Update on Mona's House. More. Still more. " I was in Mona’s world and outside it at the same time, like a dream in which you know that you are dreaming."

"Wraps to the brow in cerements of red dust" --Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Judith and Holofernes (1896)

Bjork collab thread.

"There is a fleet of amethyst in my eye. Birds come from all sides in greaty flocks and light on the stiff branches." --d'Annunzio

Inceptionism Gallery.

"Pride flings frail palaces at the sky
As a man flings up sand..."


"Landscape is neither in space, nor is it of space. Indeed, landscape had to be evacuated and erased in order for space to come into being." (via wood_s lot)

"The forgetful surf creaming on those ledges" --Sylvia Plath

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"Jellyfish are the new black." --Melanie Pruit

"...the US went to war against an enemy 5,000 strong, we’ve killed 10,000 of them, and now there are only 20,000 left."

"And the grapes ripened in the year's decline" --Aldrich, ibid


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

bitter vetch

Haraway and Cyborgology.

JR on Pegasus.

"...cold is the Arctic's biggest animal." --Rebecca Solnit

Buddhas reincarnate as holograms.

"Now this method of considering literature as the product not of successive men of genius and talent, but of abstract 'influences' and 'tendencies' divisible in periods and capable of being studied in compartments, has various vices, mostly consequent upon its being untrue." --Arthur Quiller-Couch


Momus on Third Waves.

"A maze is a conversation; a labyrinth is an incantation or perhaps a prayer." --Solnit

The opposite of schadenfreude.

"...for almost any point in the mouth or throat where an obstruction or radical restriction of the airflow from the lungs can be made by lips or teeth or tongue or pharynx, such a restriction will be used to produce at least some consonants...[a]nd for every reasonable position in which you can hold the tongue and lips and cheeks while permitting unimpeded airflow, there is a vowel sound employing that oral posture." --Geoffrey Pullum (via paperpools)

A notarikon poet.


Monday, June 15, 2015

tick-borne illness

In Search of Pagan Hollywood. (Fb)

         antelucan dark,
bright kitchen · thinking of that
         shooting in Oak Cliff

& today's schedule like iron
how is anything diff'rent

Fracking, from space.

Da Vinci instrument constructed, played.

         we should not so fear
some dreadful storm of darkness,
         as our certainties

forced detour on the way home
find my way on the fourth try

Heironymous Merkin.

         these ragged-cloud skies
of pure uncertainty
         chime with the hour

& no one knows but all fear
with wreckage still not cleared yet


"...when you’re seventeen and trapped in the middle of nowhere, climbing a water tower isn’t just something to do; it’s a way of flouting the land and defying the sky."

         pry the steering wheel
out of my cold dead hands · yes
         it will come to that

chains · keep us together · like
an addict with his crack pipe

"Those who think they’re hanging onto a stable order are actually clinging to the wreckage of the old order..."


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

museum of the holy souls in purgatory

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Texas Triffid Ranch.

"During the seventh century Islam and Arab rule advanced westward along the southern shore of the Mediterranean and it is not to be wondered at that Spanish Jewry looked on the Arabs as liberators..." --Raphael Loewe, Ibn Gabirol (1989)

"And fought the moths of dust." --G K Chesterton

Illuminatus vs Cryptonomicon.

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Igitur prints (first state).

"You shall have a very watchful cyclops as your comrade." --Notturno

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Bad Plight Lulls Toy


Beginning of Marble Hornets.

Igitur--the film. The same, machine translated. A 1974 translation i never knew about. The one by Mary Ann Caws. Also, a 1966 short film by Eric Rohmer...

Pluto Time.

The cover for my new/old Igitur translation:

A sketch which i thought to use & then didn't:


Google Street View of a shipwreck.

Play with Fire.




Molecular Red.

"Plastic is betraying stuff, more enduring than bronze and a world less weatherable." --Peter Dickinson

A Tour of Bedrock City.

"Mickey Mouse falling into the public domain seems to be the US's equivalent of the ravens leaving the Tower of London, a harbinger of the imminent and inevitable collapse of the nation." --acb on Metafilter

Dissertation on Education.

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Seven Bridges of Kaliningrad.

" 'That’s a bit odd…' I murmur out loud.

'What is?' she inquired.

'That coil exploded a few moments after I read that Peter Christopherson from Coil died in his sleep.'

'Oh…' "

--James Curcio via feuilleton blog


Friday, June 05, 2015

sixth ace


"I am my ash, and I am my phoenix." --Notturno

A Gathering of Promises.

"I thought that our perceptions were the same, but that he combined them in another way and made other objects of them; I thought that there were no objects for him, only a vertiginous and continuous play of extremely brief impressions. I thought of a world without memory, without time; I considered the possibility of a language without nouns, a language of impersonal verbs or indeclinable epithets." --Jorge Luis Borges, "The Immortal" tr Irby, in: New Worlds of Fantasy, ed Terry Carr, 1967

Starlit and Bible Black.

"Everything including dreams is meteorological." --R A Lafferty

The Cassette Revolution.

It's how much you build, not how much you build that stays.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

decuman surge

"The spring enters me like a new poison." --Notturno

The Great Silence.

"It was one of those created moments when folly, fantasy, and nostalgia work together like three witches gathered round a suspicious brew." --ibid

Parchment Archives.

"Saturn has lost one of its rings, which journeys in the night, suspended." --ibid

Architecture issue.

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