Wednesday, June 28, 2006

9. "Raucous Profound"

Touch my art, in raining dark;
thirst as Vlad in raining dark.

Chapbook kingdom, disastrous,
winds thrall vap in raining dark,

patchwork songs. What yawning void
strains this coil in raining dark?

Autumn martyrdom whips out
spoils of slag in raining dark.

Monday, June 26, 2006

38. "Anvil of Paint"
Ordinary sorrow turns · to fancy math in making's mirror;
coruscating waltz absorbs · your burning rain in making's mirror.

Now among black shards i go · and though i'm only passing through,
i want to know i took my blur · and taught it war in making's mirror.

19. "Play It All Back"

'Pancratius was of almost colossal' glass
can't us nova hustling night

you drip soaring. rhost
transplant star?

stars of radical whirl, --mutiny

'gigantic, aloof--and faintly quizzical'
Hastur hazard..

'brown fur of his parka-hood'
in a car so cold dawn indigo

Actinic storms, rugs fink Patriot Act, study show;
Horrific visions of a cataract, study show.

I wait on traffic signals out of sight
And nobody knows a fungus from a fact, study show.

Halcyon dawn, and slow vampiric brunch
On victims with old woundings that attract, study show.

Friday, June 23, 2006

5. "Tblasdayck"

in a rooky wood
i found my rays swam this vugg

food to divs
and disarray, for many a moon

holy city in ruin holy flatiron
lungfish down this clang lingo

Aradia instill my pumpkin
till cym and bal and om Gucumatz ions

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

D. "Wracking Havoc"

Looking for and not finding my stuff
in shadowy magnolia

Clod fusion
running on lucid ash, a waft of Tokay

Chalkydri, a hand
grasps shard and shard and at last a world
24. "No Guts No Morning Glory"

turd burglar graduating
adjunct abandon

dugout growl
aggry sloom maroon briny igloo

crinoid lapidary idiom rugby
bardo stump gild snood

Monday, June 19, 2006

3D. "Floating Casino"

quadrant scant of frith · pilgrims of a storm
crowd still porous church · pilgrims of a storm

nothing sort for thirst · churns a dolphin road
grind a song in charcoal · pilgrims of a storm

city lost its ghosts · fragrant with iron scrollwork
grimly blur all signs · pilgrims of a storm

bringing coffin loam · lungfish strand and poor
slag suborbital argot · pilgrims of a storm

Friday, June 16, 2006

14. "Shiny Windlass"

Follow a pillbug
through blurry dim Carcosa.

Choir of moons wassailing Ragnarok
with toom word,

spiralling argonauts who fall without joust.
Mournful in this frost

oars plumb our schloss osco sky
swart opal

as if railgun of Odun bound faith
solitary mound and storp and dying sky

Caliph Marburg slack
pillbug uptown, physical ambolic cairn

gray ubiquarian cups
fry ogganition (asp slow hazaj)

act sky opt,
sill flow sly abs bunk; ugh gunk apt struck logic

twig and sport throwstick
cynanthropic ascian firm/.

Monday, June 12, 2006

4. "Choking Hazard"

Phan fu tom ry cant
in this round room fools inhabit walls of sand

my glass grows dim with rain, ritual
cannibalism with gold

Ophir chill.
my occupation is long taiga

phan ey tom rie morth;
dango road
1D. "Slain by a Droll Lord's Hand"

World-stomping thalassa wall,
black junk soft with blood.

A glass playground ghoul, tanks roll and talons hold

Wail, plutonium-bright brain phantom,
for this worst yoga.
34. "Jaguar Stairway"

i build pyramid in labyrinth
lost all my works in labyrinth

rapacious wasp is my guiding thought
who hunt Godzilla in labyrinth

fountains acrostic and this wodwo
walks upon a drouth in labyrinth

wobbly birdtalk among Taliban
ghosts viridian in labyrinth

walking alloy i know gibbons' war
is but a symbol in labyrinth
40. "Chango Walk"

blur cling turmoil crystal scram
flying dim unto ignorant stomp

lungfish iron
among foggy kills

cloud scratch aright by us stain vanity flush
as across profound

havoc import of blood vying night
unknown ago idolatry discolor

mutiny unto star works
11. "Ialdabaoth"

High comma plains drift Dallas
Christmas in Fallujah black coral

Thishful winking or-
chid ambit bad control rush angst and no way

Loot lust back
it is tribal sign
22. "Radical City"

Tzvrif azimuth, oval or nidor of rain
Uzi Cibola

imgrat sunk
itch which COBOL avid lamp

slowly boring orchid indigo
city idyll for growing songs of gray war

Friday, June 09, 2006

F. "Night Thoughts"

A civil crystal war orgasm
ink stomp of cold sound

Stomp from stop
'I cast my shadow on hill and' swift calcspar--

Flying lurch sharawadji
partisanship to stomp turn

Monday, June 05, 2006

20. "Mayfly Karnak"

Troops orthodox go cold
sport using botox Aradia

story what godly
adjunct so

axial ogham to act, bog sly addict
is spurting poll argh

storm mud as big ingot ant
igniting abstract forms it no axis dark