Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiting on the ultimate trick salvage of time
andiron dreams burning in the night of zebra time

construct my interstitial leisure out of winks
in the eye, turquoise tiger eye, and topaz of time

the desert is an ocean with the life underground
these words of Graywyvern will run till dawn the gauntlet of time

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grimoire of vermilion grow longer
muezzins crow longer

both the fire
and the flood · could go longer

Graywyvern through blue otchkies surveys the mad
dog convoy, man, no longer

The dark pavilion'd song of apogee plaintiff
abides. The whist of perigee is constant.

Hieroglyphs without myst'ry haunt this musjid
the cure for ev'ry zodiac of brainwash.

How i long to withhold the brush of scalprum
whose dawning like a Lesser Grebe is punctual.

Rightclick and the wolves of consensus soldier
on. There is nothing mad in being gleeful.

I failed corsned.