Thursday, May 24, 2012

claims, to be sure.

"The first finding was that in Athens, about half of police men and women voted for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party." --Lenin's Tomb

He began thinking of using the language again, his thoughts & feelings spontaneously shaped to receive the clear bright alien outlines that seemed, after so long a time, the invention of someone else.

To live at such a temperature one must be frozen as cold. So they had new bodies made, of special cryogenic plastic; that would, indeed, have actually exploded if warmed to the temperature range of Earth. With these they settled Pluto.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


(via detroitfunk dot com) AN EQUATION
For instance: y– xa + mx2(a2 + 1) = o

Coil upon coil, the grave serpent holds
Its implacable strict pose, under a light
Like marble. The artist's damnation, the rat of time,
Cannot gnaw this form, nor event touch it with age.
Before it was, it existed, creating the mind
Which created it, out of itself. It will dissolve
Into itself, though in another language.
Its changes are not in change, nor its times in time.

And the coiled serpent quivering under a light
Crueler than marble, unwinds slowly, altering
Deliberate the great convolutions, a dancer,
A mime on the brilliant stage. The sudden movement,
Swifter than creases of lightning, renews a statue:
There by its skin a snake rears beaten in copper.

It will not acknowledge the incense on your altars,
Nor hear at night in your room the weeping....
--Hyam Plutzik

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

stop tooth

(via Ben Morris via Coilhouse via Dark Euphoria on Tumblr)

acclaim the unlit fathoms/ the blue Martian sunset/ Plath in the desert of the real// a sharp pencil/ howering clouds at dawn/ & what is plainly shown

Mexican Blackletter.

How We Will Read.

Conference of the Birds.

Map of Io.

(by Twins Seven-Seven, via The Daily Telecraft)

The New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra.

(David Pearson, via gessorly on tumblr)