Friday, June 30, 2017

amerce in coracles

Death cult.

pluvo polita
i ask
a version
less brutal to share
the gemmeous hare
Mothman returns

in warrior's rust

The Great Mosque at Mosul.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

the very hungry cannibal

"Time is NOT on their side."

fountains of dark
the teeming

who can say
if between them
they would supplant

ev'rything that moves or stays

Pessoa is a character in this Portuguese TV show about time travel.

"We have discovered a planet. It is not on the maps. A pair of accountants and a mountain of quartz worship every winter." --Newfound Planets twitterbot by @cbquist


Wednesday, June 28, 2017


"You know that sound that a kettle of rice makes when it's gently simmering? That's the sound we heard coming from the ground beneath us when we camped in Yellowstone in 2001.

When the ranger came by in the morning to check on us (we were in the back country), he told us that the volcano erupts every 800,000 years.

'How long since it last erupted?'
'800,000 years.' "

--Obbie King on Fb

Cybergothic vs Steampunk.

screen cut; not replaced
all the greens of June, the grays
of a New Orleans

sky & where is our chong jazz
our festooned architecture

"Of more than 4,000 species studied around the world, half are relocating."


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


(via; more)

tea master went to break
handle off a perfect vase
found it so already

better not cut off anyone
till they catch that road rage killer

Inside the Mermaid Economy. (Not to be confused with Seapunk.)


Monday, June 26, 2017


(the parking garage at Valley View)

More Blade Runner reality.

Only the part that doesn't make any sense is authentic.

Geocitiesized Hyperstition.

inter-urbala dreams, drain
till genuine surd assign
these arki blanka

afar off spied · broom braking
cesious swarm & klone-glut
precarity booked

Stemmons mirage long heart-held
lead me to something third
than wreck or rubric

solstico should be an airt
this viaduct without outlet,
squamous doppelbock

Episode 8.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

fa'a le curve tumla

"I am loath to believe that readers of the typical autism essay doubt the importance of autism: it's the importance of autistics that they largely doubt."

wascally werewolf.
i climb a hill of no-horizon anew
my glaci-kesto stocked with enough type-O.

do you call this peace--to while away the recall
to war, if war it was to believe the sky
in its werewolf gray?

"When the alleyways started to smell like bakeries around her neighbourhood, Um Salem knew that Eid was approaching."


Saturday, June 24, 2017


Heat does not want to leave the body. Purple door in the Quarter. A wind unfelt in the dining room. Catacomb summer. Lyonesse.

Ten new ones.

red paint trail, ubiquitous Accord;
so much to our haints we thus accord

moving near the old blatala muzeo
of Plano; bleak rhinoceros accord

what can i map except this ego tunnel
a Chunnel 'copter-duel: for us, accord

off the bus Graywyvern finds no sign
who found his rainbow on the bus, accord

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Friday, June 23, 2017

newton's cradle

Nothing can keep me from forgetting.

"Problem 94 challenges the reader to trace the origin of the word FEAMYNG, a purported collective noun for ferrets. Borgmann's solution, which spans four pages, shows the term to be a ghost word; it was the result of a centuries-long chain of typographical errors (from BUSYNESS to BESYNESS to FESYNES to FESNYNG to FEAMYNG) propagated through various dictionaries."

"In dust must splendid lads go down and choke,
Red dry their hands and dry their one day's sun
From which they earthward fall to fiery tomb
Bomb-weighted, from bloodying children's hair."

--Gene Derwood

Santa Muerte grimoire.


moth crawling on black tile, blue
& red flicker, caesious skies
of spring (new spring): somewhere else the storm
the fuzzy end of the parabola

anado-kuniklo misprise, excuse
nothing as the pattern serves its term

solstico, barely recall the rigamarole
the triggering-sign that waits in our urban sphere

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

haint blue

Before shopping centers die they acquire gravitas.

Cockroach Hall of Fame.

"Duties of gossamer" --Dickinson

Beige ops.

"Until recently, the primary way most readers read Forrest-Thomson’s writing was through Bernstein’s excerpts. Like Ennius, the Roman author whose writing survives only in Cicero’s quotations, Forrest-Thomson’s own work has largely been inaccessible..." --Adrienne Raphel in Poetry


my life divided by ices
i thole a cold garmonbozia
away whose taste ashen eightball
can thread, this pebble-strewn network

advise hardwired psilocybin
affordance loaned from the locusts
in thesterness, in doorbell hush

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

information poverty

Red Wolfs Den.

moth crawling on black tile
car through the arki blanka

Vision Creation Newsun.

"...while I usually try to teach a deep structure of concepts, what the median student actually learns seems to mostly be a set of low order correlations." --Robin Hanson


"Ceccaldi concludes that a posthumanist, verificationist account of discursive performativity contests the supposition that nature is impassive; that it is the byproduct of bio-molecular semiotic interferences, resisting total obliteration in an uncannily peripheral existential milieu."

A pill is a secret. A secret is a pill.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

a book of ablutions

our escape is difficult
to Plano zonal pot
the quantum
in Pripyat a feamyng
red ivy
through window

cesious solstice, tart entanglement
Enochian Prague
unpoob sunrise
green bandanna haint

blue moon hard by the Congo
a polite rain
through the magnolias
floods & rogue Bouzingo

The Kizaemon Ido. Note that the tea masters always preferred using Korean rice bowls to drink from--not the purpose for which they had originally been made.

One terabyte of kilobyte age.

"Knowledge is praised and desired by multitudes whom her charms could never rouse from the couch of sloth; whom the faintest invitation of pleasure draws away from their studies; to whom any other method of wearing out the day is more eligible than the use of books, and who are more easily engaged by any conversation than such as may rectify their notions or enlarge their comprehension." --Samuel Johnson

Moon Mansion update. (thanks Melanie!) Fizziewig 2014.

"As Erik Midelfort explains in his entertaining 1996 monograph Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany, in 16th-century Germany nearly 30 dukes, landgraves, and counts were regarded by their courts and ministers as mad enough to require medical attention or removal from office." --Richard Evans at Foreign Policy dot com, via blckdgrd blog "...As the crowds marched toward the imperial palace in Vienna, Ferdinand summoned Metternich and asked 'what are all those people doing there, then?' 'They are making a revolution,' Metternich replied. 'What, are they allowed to do that?' Ferdinand asked in astonishment."

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Monday, June 19, 2017

jonestown koolaid acid test

The Echo of the future.

"That moon waxes her monstrous, brimstone disk..." --Gene Derwood


A planet without witnesses is not a dead planet. A dead planet has had witnesses.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

pupea quinkunco

(Fukushima, from google street view)


"I deserve the punishment
          of knowing
for having come to know you."

--Rod McKuen


Saturday, June 17, 2017

computer-animated ice cubes

(pic by Melanie Pruit)

The Darkness at the End of the Tunnel.

"The terrible fertility of strife" --Gene Derwood


Friday, June 16, 2017

quinkunca pupeo

Dennis Cooper on Huysmans.

Hawaiian origami
& our cities will melt like sugar

open sesame
Hawaiian origami

for the soul of a giant pygmy
who can bear it no longer

Hawaiian origami
& our cities will melt like sugar

Haraway on Avatar.

"Imagine a world in which Thomas Mann's Dr. Faustus was a selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club w/ a print run of 100,000 copies..." --@JoyceCarolOates

--That's my copy. Loved reading it when i was 20 or so.

Despair fatigue.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

trope port

     fratulo di draki, kompano di strigi

17 reasons why.

"...their great and gorgeous grammar raised
Its pillars, arches, corridors, and domes,
Beneath whose roofs ethereal thoughts like doves
Melodiously breathed..."


"Today, Lovecraft’s cold materialist vision seems outmoded, and hopelessly naive; and it even works as a sort of consolation."

medieval dry smoke
the new administration
building rises

our duck apparently kept away by
inflatable orca on the sidewalk


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

i bleed tombstones

(mostero dos jeronimos in portugal)

CCRU in the Guardian.

"The sun there sputters on the verge and goes
Whirled off in ashes; the earth swells after it,
It's night, and cruel things, talons and beaks,
Dash criss-cross in the dark..."


"It seems unlikely, however, that anyone associated with the collective is actually based there, given that the city was evacuated after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986."

what is that name
google giant Antarctic
crack in ice

siniyvernal morning commute
16-year-old Asian lounge music


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

grypsera sera

Penguin cool.

"Let us away! soon sheets of winter metal
On this discoloured mountain-land will close,
While elsewhere Spring-time weaves a crimson petal,
Builds and perfumes a rose."


Enter the dumbphone.

"Unreality might be the thread that links all of vaporwave aesthetics, since another prevalent visual motif is that of the computer game. It’s important to note that the iconography mined by albums like Eccojams, New Dreams Ltd. or Amiga-Tech never belong to contemporary, state-of-the-art consoles. It’s always vintage systems, like the Game Boy or Sega Saturn, suggesting that vaporwave artists are less interested in computer games per se, and more in the aura of nostalgia they radiate." --Simon Chandler at Bandcamp Daily


Monday, June 12, 2017

fa'a le curve tumla

(via Bobby Beeman on Fb)


tolerated at best
not urged to remain

by the bitter wind

from a newly erupted chasm

Razbliuto traced to The Man from Uncle.

"Autonomy comes in degrees; it has to do with immunization, with shielding yourself from infection by potential goal-states in the environment." --Metzinger


Sunday, June 11, 2017

flowering juniper

(via Stevo Wolfson on Fb)

Requiem for a Lawnmower.

rankings, trajectories,

so many records
at the end of record-keeping

shadows whip around
like the tail of a cat

old enamel on old wood
permanent grime in the seams


Saturday, June 10, 2017

waiting for gadot

Wow signal redux. The redux rebuttal.

i carve a course into the dust
to cure my corse of wanderlust
i ferret out vetust remorse
of wanderlust to cure my corse
these fathom'd pinwheels i endure
my corse of wanderlust to cure
to cure my corse of wanderlust
i turn my sitting-still to thrust


Friday, June 09, 2017

91 in the rearview mirror

"...honesty goes by the board, hurt feelings are put at a premium, general fear and paralysis set in, and one by one any woman who oversteps the increasingly circumscribed area of what’s permissible is trashed."

the frabjous power of song
finds songs that battle grief
songs to right all wrong
& song that beggars belief

we sing as we're swept along
by Time, the dearest thief,
songs to right all wrong
& song that beggars belief

cast where we didn't belong
we snag on a gossamer reef
songs to right all wrong
& song that beggars belief

Brother to dragons.

"Carver of soap and carrots, steel and flesh,
Biped of upright dust and throbbing head..."

    --Gene Derwood


Thursday, June 08, 2017

supra urbem

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

uncinching flourish

Fear and Clothing.

“Not in the wantonness of wealth, not in vain ministry to the desire of the eye or the pride of life, were those marbles hewn into transparent strength, and those arches arrayed in the colours of the iris. There is a message written in the dyes of them, that once was written in blood; and a sound in the echoes of their vaults, that one day shall fill the vault of heaven—‘He shall return to do judgement and justice.’ The strength of Venice was given her, so long as she remembered this; her destruction found her when she had forgotten this; and it found her irrevocably, because she forgot it without excuse. Never had a city a more glorious Bible. Among the nations of the North, a rude and shadowy sculpture filled their temples with confused and hardly legible imagery; but, for her, the skill and the treasures of the East had gilded every letter, and illuminated every page, till the Book-Temple shone from afar off like the star of the Magi. In other cities, the meetings of the people were often in places withdrawn from religious association, subject to violence and to change; and on the grass of the dangerous rampart, and in the dust of the troubled street, there were deeds done and counsels taken, which, if we cannot justify, we may sometimes forgive. But the sins of Venice, whether in her palace or in her piazza, were done with the bible at her right hand. The walls on which its testimony was written were separated but by a few inches of marble from those which guarded the secrets of her councils, or confined the victims of her policy. And when in her last hours she threw off all shame and all restraint, and the great square of the city became filled with the madness of the whole earth, be it remembered how much her sin was greater, because it was done in the face of the House of god, burning withy the letters of his Law. Mountebank and masque laughed their laugh and went their way; and a silence has followed them, not unforetold; for amidst them all, through century after century of gathering vanity and festering guilt, that white dome of St Mark’s had uttered in the dead ear of Venice: ‘Know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgement.’ “ --John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice, qtd in Proust’s essay “Days of Reading” (tr Sturrock, 1988)

"... the many tangled reasons which lead people in this country to use the word swan for a goose, autumn for the rainy season, and so on."

    dream of the mountain
as you have before · floating
    amidst cerulean

i wake & the sky is dark
with looming definite threats


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

fifty grades of Che

as night falls,
passes the rain

light breaks through shattered squalls
as night falls

we reach an end to dolls
but not to pain

as night falls,
passes the rain

Theremin Morricone.

"...And if you are unpanicked, tell me what you find
On how the sun flies and the snow is spent,
What blasts and bessemers we live in, that dissolve
All the loam loaned to spine and ligament."

--Reuel Denney, in: The New Pocket Anthology of American Verse (1955)

"...the author is quoted as saying the work falls into a category called 'speculative rhetoric,' and it’s a type of writing, he says, that dates back to the invention of philosophy."

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Monday, June 05, 2017


Place encode; in fact, places are nothing but encodings.


"All a propagandist has to do is link our identity to our beliefs. Once that’s accomplished, your identity anchors your beliefs. But then you start to see there’s this huge web of believers out there, and a common identity begins to shape up. A tribe emerges. Never mind that half of them are robots: You’re not giving up who you are. And so if your beliefs define who you are, as a person and as a member of a tribe, there’s nothing in the world short of an existential cataclysm that will ever, ever get you to change your mind." --from Paste Magazine


Sunday, June 04, 2017

smize, clown, smize!


     "Quiet was, except the wind
Lifting the water's murmur as a girl
May lift the fold of some sad Eastern silk."

--Trumbull Stickney

Camera Fantastica.

“The Puritans unconsciously sought to do a supremely artistic thing—to mould all life into a dark poem; a macabre tapestry with quaint arabesques and patterns from the plains of antique Palestrina…(sic) antique Palaestrina with her bearded prophets, many-gated walls, and flattened domes. The fatuous floundering of the ape and Neanderthaler they rejected—this and the graceful forms into which that floundering had aimlessly blunder’d—and in place of slovenly Nature set up a life in Gothick design, with formal arches and precise traceries, austere spires and three interesting little gargoyles with solemn grimaces, call’d the father, the son, and the holy ghost. On shifting humanity they imposed a refreshing technique, and to an aimless and futile cosmos supply’d artificial values which had real authority because they were not true. Verily, the Puritans were the only really effective diabolists and decadents the world has known; because they hated life and scorned the platitude that it is worth living.” --1923 HPL letter to Frank Belknap Long, qtd in: Barton St Armand- H P Lovecraft: New England Decadent (1979)


Saturday, June 03, 2017

zodiac arrest

Gene Derwood. Who was the mother of the author of The Jungian Senoi Dreamwork Manual...! Sylvia Plath wrote in her journal (about hearing a record of GD reading): "So, blown ghost, she comes to our tea, more substantial than many inarticulate mortals. That is strange: the deadness of a stranger who is somehow never dead--the knife of death unfelt..."

New Plath discovery.

"This fluid music clouds me with a slag." --Stickney


Friday, June 02, 2017

today's today versus yesterday's today

(pic by Melanie Pruit)

Javanese Shadow Puppets.

      sun on the water
brown & opaque · slow mem'ries

on this day without sunshine
don't even know where i was


Thursday, June 01, 2017


Darconville's Cat.

like the doctors of MASH
saving lives for a war
they don't believe in

in a wonderworld

unknown writing system
mystifying however banal

smell of old encyclopedias

what was left for me to solve