Tuesday, June 20, 2017

a book of ablutions

our escape is difficult
to Plano zonal pot
the quantum
in Pripyat a feamyng
red ivy
through window

cesious solstice, tart entanglement
Enochian Prague
unpoob sunrise
green bandanna haint

blue moon hard by the Congo
a polite rain
through the magnolias
floods & rogue Bouzingo

The Kizaemon Ido. Note that the tea masters always preferred using Korean rice bowls to drink from--not the purpose for which they had originally been made.

One terabyte of kilobyte age.

"Knowledge is praised and desired by multitudes whom her charms could never rouse from the couch of sloth; whom the faintest invitation of pleasure draws away from their studies; to whom any other method of wearing out the day is more eligible than the use of books, and who are more easily engaged by any conversation than such as may rectify their notions or enlarge their comprehension." --Samuel Johnson

Moon Mansion update. (thanks Melanie!) Fizziewig 2014.

"As Erik Midelfort explains in his entertaining 1996 monograph Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany, in 16th-century Germany nearly 30 dukes, landgraves, and counts were regarded by their courts and ministers as mad enough to require medical attention or removal from office." --Richard Evans at Foreign Policy dot com, via blckdgrd blog "...As the crowds marched toward the imperial palace in Vienna, Ferdinand summoned Metternich and asked 'what are all those people doing there, then?' 'They are making a revolution,' Metternich replied. 'What, are they allowed to do that?' Ferdinand asked in astonishment."

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