Monday, August 31, 2015

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"All too often 'Identity' serves as an unbridgeable chasm between us."

    "The Poet

He wasted richest gifts of God
   But here's the limit of his woes.
   Sleep rest him! See, above him grows
The very grass whereon he trod.

He walked with dæmons, ghouls, and things
   Unsightly...terrors and despairs,
   And ever in the blackened airs
A dismal raven flapt its wings.

Behold! within this narrow grave
   Is shut the baser part of him.
   Behold! he could not wholly dim
The genius gracious heaven gave,--

For strains of music here and there,
   Weird murmurings, vague, prophetic tones,
   Are blown across the silent zones
Forever in the midnight air."

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

When the digital data die.

If the world were going to be saved by laziness we would have nothing to fear.

(pic by Vladimir Manyuhin, via artboom dot info)

"Nitrogen, for instance, suddenly changes from a hexagonal to cubic crystal as it cools past 35.6 degrees Kelvin."

"Writers of thrillers tend to gravitate to the Secret Service as surely as the mentally unstable become psychiatrists, as the impotent pornographers." --Muggeridge

The World's On Fire.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How the World Was Made Safe Against Art & What Art Did To Take Revenge


Grief is the only balloon
that goes down

Unvarying plumbous moon
grief is the only balloon

this bark sinks now or soon
so fit your weeds of smirk clown

grief is the only balloon
that goes down

Collage of Geocities effects.

"If the coincidences are real then Stencil has never encountered history at all, but something far more appalling." --V.

Audio Spicer.

"Finch doesn't draw directly on the old map because he doesn't want to forget the past. Hopes that one day that lost world will return. The overlay is only temporary, he keeps telling himself. Even as the changes become more and more permanent." --Jeff Vandermeer, Finch (2009)


Friday, August 21, 2015

my landscapes


In my loamy nook
As I dig my hole
I observe men look
At a stone, and sigh
As they pass it by
To some far goal.

Something it says
To their glancing eyes
That must distress
The frail and lame,
And the strong of frame
Gladden or surprise.

Do signs on its face
Declare how far
Feet have to trace
Before they gain
Some blest champaign
Where no gins are?"

Online Oblique Strategies.

"The true doom of the Media barons at all levels is to believe the Media, thereby infallibly encompassing their own ultimate destruction." --Chronicles of Wasted Time, 2

Wolf Cento.

"Lost is that city's glory. Every gust
Lifts, with crisp leaves, the unknown Pasha's dust."

--Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Karma thread.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Legends of the Hand of Glory.

"Words are as beautiful as love, and as easily betrayed." --Malcolm Muggeridge

Meaningful goat thread.

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"News, like sensuality, is a passing excitement; perhaps the ultimate fantasy of all." --ibid

Wasted time.


Lafferty news.

If i had known it would be possible one day to make a living as a lego artist, i would have made a few education choices differently.

"The truth stands between us, stark, staggering, strange." --Ivy Compton-Burnett


Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Geocentricity Primer.

"Summer does not seem to be the right time of year to talk about the stuff we would like to."

    "Mr Over

Mr Over is dead.
He died fighting and true
And on his tombstone he wrote
Over to You.

And who pray is this You
To whom Mr Over is gone?
Oh if we only knew that
We should not do wrong.

But who is this beautiful You
We all of us long for so much
Is he not our friend and our brother
Our father and such?

Yes he is this and much more
This is but a portion
A sea-drop in a bucket
Taken from the ocean

So the voices spake
Softly above my head
And a voice in my heart cried: Follow
Where he has led

And a devil’s voice cried: Happy
Happy the dead."

--Stevie Smith

"I noticed strangling syntax didn't tear down the empire."

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to shine you on
pointed enough to open a plastic bag
just pushing wood
allantois PG

mountebank angst
through stratified remorse
to read into a planet
as to read a face


impulse to salvage
but i don't need
a pencil
cliffwalk & ley suss
& most of this is lost

doors that are changed in your absence
this was not

a wall before
i feel cast out
cashed out
the almost infinite worth
of the feeling as i go

"... what was it that the era found so esoteric in recording technology...?"

"The desert was prophecy enough of the Last Day." --Pynchon

"Weaponized rubber suit."

"La Belle Epoque is what it might sound like if Arthur Machen’s Lucian Taylor had formed a New Wave band and signed to Cherry Red Records instead of succumbing to faerie madness on top of that hill."

"There is only one plot—things are not what they seem." --Jim Thompson via @MrKittyFluff via @HarryStephanKeeler


Wednesday, August 05, 2015


"It's time to write the obituary for New Formalism." (via The Page)

"Reminded of what Delany says about how the current hugo debacle has nothing to do w/ SF but w/ the rest of society where SF exists." --@rcloenenruiz via Kameron Hurley on twitter

"Through elegance, we get away from heaviness, but lightness is paid for with insignificance." --Bataille

erased till the page tears
cliffwalk & ley suss
highest stakes
forever unpublished
in a thirsty season
ev'ry other desolation wins
ev'ry other desolation wins
ev'ry other desolation wins
in this blue sky town
the black box found
of our scuttled flight beyond
the frozen moon's rebus
knows all our fates

Carcosa, Carcosa

through the dark overpass
the sky behind it bright
the temp'rature tolerable
a whisper

on Tombaugh regio

Manga and the Bomb.