Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How the World Was Made Safe Against Art & What Art Did To Take Revenge


Grief is the only balloon
that goes down

Unvarying plumbous moon
grief is the only balloon

this bark sinks now or soon
so fit your weeds of smirk clown

grief is the only balloon
that goes down

Collage of Geocities effects.

"If the coincidences are real then Stencil has never encountered history at all, but something far more appalling." --V.

Audio Spicer.

"Finch doesn't draw directly on the old map because he doesn't want to forget the past. Hopes that one day that lost world will return. The overlay is only temporary, he keeps telling himself. Even as the changes become more and more permanent." --Jeff Vandermeer, Finch (2009)



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