Tuesday, July 21, 2015

lagoon yogi

(via delinquentes, via sweetspider on tumblr)

"... its a historical genre, right? The periods when the line blurs between the missing and the dead. i think about Chile."

Handcuffed to the hardcore
havoc where sting lingers
doublure blooming arid
obliquely 'midst secrets,
tarn. Tank Man this morning
attempts no such 'demption.

Pluto truthers.

(via bauhaus movement on fb)

Number-one pencils.

Auden amends an old poem
no oily agog ochre.
This mission must end in death
on the far, frozen taiga.
Agony igloo i urn
with the rest of our sand fjord:
the most perilous disease
is shyness about the plague.

Square Kufic.

(via @xeni via @leebillings on twitter)



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