Tuesday, June 16, 2015

bitter vetch

Haraway and Cyborgology.

JR on Pegasus.

"...cold is the Arctic's biggest animal." --Rebecca Solnit

Buddhas reincarnate as holograms.

"Now this method of considering literature as the product not of successive men of genius and talent, but of abstract 'influences' and 'tendencies' divisible in periods and capable of being studied in compartments, has various vices, mostly consequent upon its being untrue." --Arthur Quiller-Couch


Momus on Third Waves.

"A maze is a conversation; a labyrinth is an incantation or perhaps a prayer." --Solnit

The opposite of schadenfreude.

"...for almost any point in the mouth or throat where an obstruction or radical restriction of the airflow from the lungs can be made by lips or teeth or tongue or pharynx, such a restriction will be used to produce at least some consonants...[a]nd for every reasonable position in which you can hold the tongue and lips and cheeks while permitting unimpeded airflow, there is a vowel sound employing that oral posture." --Geoffrey Pullum (via paperpools)

A notarikon poet.



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