Monday, June 15, 2015

tick-borne illness

In Search of Pagan Hollywood. (Fb)

         antelucan dark,
bright kitchen · thinking of that
         shooting in Oak Cliff

& today's schedule like iron
how is anything diff'rent

Fracking, from space.

Da Vinci instrument constructed, played.

         we should not so fear
some dreadful storm of darkness,
         as our certainties

forced detour on the way home
find my way on the fourth try

Heironymous Merkin.

         these ragged-cloud skies
of pure uncertainty
         chime with the hour

& no one knows but all fear
with wreckage still not cleared yet


"...when you’re seventeen and trapped in the middle of nowhere, climbing a water tower isn’t just something to do; it’s a way of flouting the land and defying the sky."

         pry the steering wheel
out of my cold dead hands · yes
         it will come to that

chains · keep us together · like
an addict with his crack pipe

"Those who think they’re hanging onto a stable order are actually clinging to the wreckage of the old order..."



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