Friday, June 05, 2015

sixth ace


"I am my ash, and I am my phoenix." --Notturno

A Gathering of Promises.

"I thought that our perceptions were the same, but that he combined them in another way and made other objects of them; I thought that there were no objects for him, only a vertiginous and continuous play of extremely brief impressions. I thought of a world without memory, without time; I considered the possibility of a language without nouns, a language of impersonal verbs or indeclinable epithets." --Jorge Luis Borges, "The Immortal" tr Irby, in: New Worlds of Fantasy, ed Terry Carr, 1967

Starlit and Bible Black.

"Everything including dreams is meteorological." --R A Lafferty

The Cassette Revolution.

It's how much you build, not how much you build that stays.

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