Monday, May 04, 2015

salad resin jug

"Here I hurt with mortal thoughts and almost recovered." --Galway Kinnell

Mongrel Dream Library.

"What [Mary] Douglas would say, I think, when she looks at a lot of these diets, is that they’re really about being able to divide up the world into categories—which things are morally pure, and which things are morally impure." --Michael Schulson in Salon via follow me here

Space espresso.

"Pacquiao boxes like poetry; Merriweather like prose..." --Eileen Tabios

Blade Runner Reality. (via feuilleton)

"I remember Devil’s Night, and my dad would stay up late with the dog. We had a Bouvier, which is a Flemish sheep-herding dog. It was genetically engineered to bite anything that moves." --Sufjan Stevens with a very #GothicDetroit reminiscence

Trinity Site.

"We are sleepwalkers,
looking for a place where safe
we can stay awake."

--Magda Kapa (via the cassandra pages)

(via shoebat dom com)

Fault Creep.

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