Friday, April 17, 2015


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    Dallas Gothic 5

Driving out to the edge of town to get a replacement door for our car. Junkyard stretching for miles. Narrow path between. Silence. Then i start to notice all the burnt out hulks. All alike. All the same model as our Pinto. It's like some demon had been dispatched to blow them all up.

"Grabbing a chair, Hemingway attacked Orson, who picked up a chair of his own, sparking a cinematic brawl between two of the great creative geniuses of the 20th century, who duked it out while images of war flickered on a screen behind them."

"The Beginning of the End can feel a lot like the middle when you are living in it." --Karen Russell

Rest of Dallas Gothic.

    "The Lion House

Always the heavy air,
The dreadful cage, the low
Murmur of voices, where
Some Force goes to and fro
In an immense despair.

As through a haunted brain,
With tireless footfalls
The Obsession moves again,
Trying the floor, the walls,
Forever, but in vain.

In vain, proud Force. A might,
Shrewder than yours, did spin
Around your rage that bright
Prison of steel, wherein
You pace for my delight.

And oh, my heart, what Doom,
What mightier Mind has wrought
The cage, within whose room
Paces your burning thought
For the delight of Whom?"

--John Hall Wheelock

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