Tuesday, April 07, 2015

chesty morgellons

(pic by Jesus Chairez via facebook)

"These men are so strange that it seems almost problematical that they lived at all." --Richard Ellman, intro to Symons's The Symbolist Movement in Literature

"Decay can be celebrated as an authentic chapter of the history of a building, while the addition of new interventions within an abandoned site can reveal the significance of the rural context."

"...The wind is
a woman, we say, when a thing disappears;

a man, when a thing is demolished."

--Jessica Goodfellow

The Master of the Day of Judgment.

"Art is fire plus algebra." - Jorge Luis Borges (via)

(Don Dixon via cosmographica)

Mathemaku 6-12.

"...we can’t afford to ignore the anti-Stratfordians anymore." --Holger Syme

Genius at Play.

Some useful distinctions.

"Mad Max 2 is punk’s Sistine Chapel." --J G Ballard

Light & Dust.



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