Thursday, March 12, 2015

oboe pang

"in gold letters on the

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emerald quadrangular


--Tom Phillips, A Humument

Kim Dot Dammit goes to Forest Haven (part 1).

"One of the few Euskera [Basque] words to have become part of popular American English is jauntxo, which in English has kept the same pronunciation and become the word honcho. A jauntxo was a wealthy, powerful, rural landowner. Derived from the word jaun, which means 'sir,' 'a lord,' or sometimes even 'a god,' jauntxo has an ironic negative undertone. There is the implication of exploitation." --Mark Kurlansky, The Basque History of the World (1999)

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"And so they did not fall
On the Sigean plains, nor captive met
The captive's doom, nor burned with burning Troy,
But found their way through battle and through flames."

--Cranch's Virgil, VII

Kim Dot Dammit part 2.

"More than one lost mountaineer lying dead at the bottom of a crevasse has proved that his sole achievement in life was to inch some plant a half-mile further toward the moon." --The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley (1987)

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"To a time-foreshortened eye all form would become bubblings or momentary imaginative shapes such as one sees when dreaming before a winter fire. One thinks one sees a shape and it is gone. Perhaps it is so with God half-asleep over the dying embers of his universe, and dreaming the shapes that come and go through the coals." --ibid



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