Monday, March 02, 2015

a measured scar at a full mile

(gateway to Ashgabat, via londontosydneybybike)

The story of The Anarchist's Cookbook.

     "The Dark Learning"

this fragile
heraldry of orpiment
limited as these triumphs
it is passage & sequester
Romanesque church
a long way from the ventilator ducts
dark cagmag
atom otaku
i just forgot to forget
treasures of ice
at rest on the overpass

Harper on Health Goth.

(via bldgblog)

"I would like to think of religion, on the one hand, as a technology of determining the boundaries of people and communities. ...I would like to think of poetry as an instrument of this kind of religion." --Ian Dreiblatt (via The Page)

There Will Come Soft Rains.

"don’t know who has the biggest mouths—chimneys, cedars, squirrels

I have a neighbor I never see at home but often in other cities

owning something from each of the last 100 years

teeth like cathedral doors

aligning the white mountain with the abandoned hospital"

--dan raphael



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