Saturday, December 06, 2014


(soft sculpture by Judith Scott; pic via)

Voorwerp comic book.

"And from afar Tedaldo's spires espies." --Hoole's Ariosto

Creepypasta Masterpost.

autumn of the oligarchs
torquise fathoms to get through

Silverado, last weekend
for many weekends

return to the old subject
a tumbling comet-landing

lockjaw serenade
or op'ra on ebola

lobe Roche lum etheric vape

The Atomic Bomb Game.

Nomads on the grid.

"It began as a teardrop in Babylon. Where the sunlight came from Astarte, shameless goddess of the fecund feminine. The boteh. Stylized rendition of the date palm shoot, tree of life, fertility symbol. It danced through Celtic art, until the heavy feet of Roman legionaries tramped over the Alps. Then it fled the wrath of Mars and Jupiter, dove underground as Empire rose." --Shailja Patel via Metafilter



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