Thursday, November 20, 2014

redshifts in love

"...there is nothing more exciting for the writer, or richer in unexploited expressive possibilities, than the failure to express."

"I keep trying to remind people that Pabst hasn't won a Blue Ribbon since 1904, but they never listen to me." --comment by surazal on Metafilter


"By broken altars, blackened shrines
I've tinkered at my bits of rhymes."

--Robert Service


"I think that most of the excellent names that weed-related stuff has is because they're stuff people come up with while stoned. Perhaps stoners should move onto naming other things, like the apparatuses of government or branches of modern philosophy." --NoraReed commenting on Metafilter

"Now of course it was probably inevitable in a consumer society like ours that even the downfall of industrial civilization would be turned promptly into yet another reason to go shopping."

Found myself entering in a search engine: "killing jesus for kids"...

The long rains.

We can't even liberate ourselves from four-four time.

(via wunderground dot com)



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