Monday, November 03, 2014

diary of avro lancaster

"Andrew Leman of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society was working on the props for The Call of Cthulhu, and ()he was looking at NYT headlines to do a mock page describing the earthquake that starts the story off, and he turned to the date used in the story, and the headline said (')Earthquake Rocks New England' or some such. Leman claims that his first reaction was shock and creeping dread and his second was that they could advertise the film as 'based on a true story.....' --GenjiandProust on Metafilter

"You can't imagine how exciting that was, even though I had a bun and was holding a clipboard in a white lab coat."

"He envisions instead an new emergent order of rebels, a global gathering of new media artists, remix musicians, pirate gamers, AI graffiti artists, anonymous witnesses, and code rebels, an emerging order of figural aesthetics revealing a new order, a brilliantly hallucinatory order, based on an art of impossible questions and a perceptual language as precise as it is evocative. Here, the aesthetic imagination dwells solely on questions of incommensurability : What is the vision of the clone? What is the affect of the code? What is the hauntology of the avatar? What is most excluded, prohibited, by the android? What is the perception of the drone? What are the aesthetics of the fold? What, in short, is the meaning of aesthetics in the age of drift culture?" --S. C. Hickman on Exits to the Posthuman Future, via wood_s lot

"Soon we’ll all need interpreters, if only to understand ourselves."

(fastcodesign dot com via prentiss riddle on facebook)

"...Folding the vegetation
Into instructions
Forgetting how to snow
And forgetting
How to name well
And if they will go soon
No one knows." --Purdey Lord Kreiden

"As we waited in a stinky, dark alley to go on, I saw rats, used needles & people not so far removed from zombies living amongst it. So sad." --Gary Numan on twitter

The Enigmatic Em Dash.

"For all the joys that touch my heart
Are joys that I have left behind."

--Sheridan LeFanu

Kawaii Mormon dubstep.

"We ourselves have never truly confronted this in the ways that I believe our African sister has given us. Because we don't wonder what happens to Patsey after the film ends. We know. There was no escape for her." --Evil Tongue blog

Wake and awaken. (via languagehat)

(statue of Jimi Hendrix on Seattle's Capitol Hill via)

"The hipster obsession with transgressive scenes can be seen as a kind of cultural tourism that registers on several levels; there’s the sheer ironic enjoyment of the ridiculousness of it, but also the opportunity for rebelling against the PC strictures fostered in the American underground in the late ’80s and early ’90s that have long since guided a sense of respectful propriety."

Meanwhile, there's Germany’s first Nazi vegan cooking show...



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