Wednesday, October 29, 2014

temporary shores

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Slavic witchhouse.

just deserts

the pumpkin spice latte


angry worm

Mysterioso violin/mormon/dubstep thread.

""They had fought a lot about this, how to get themselves out of what they had taken to calling the impasse, which was their inability to figure out why they continued to write poetry in a time when poetry seemed not to matter, and when their attempts to collaborate with one or maybe two or maybe four hands in order to break through this impasse continued to fail. They had said to each other that they didn't want to write any more poems that demonstrated their adept use of irony and book smarts to communicate their knowing superiority to capitalism. And they didn't want to write any more poems that narrated their pseudoedgy sexual exploits in a way to suggest that such exploits were somehow in and of themselves political. And they didn't want to write any more poems that made people feel sad or guilty or go oh no. But still, it was hard for them to figure out what to do with poetry in a time when 19.5 acres were required to sustain their first-world lifestyles, not to mention that within the 19.5 acres were the deaths and devastation from the mining, oil, natural gas, and nuclear industries, the deaths and torture from the policies of their government, the rising acidity of the ocean, the effects of climate change on populations without access to the equivalent of 19.5 acres of resources. And rather than provoking in them the desire to write more poems, this sense of futility, further aggravating their anger and shame, instead infected them..." --David Buuck & Juliana Spahr, An Army of Lovers, qtd in Eileen Tabios interview on Arduity

Kind of a vaporwave retrospective.

"For Techno, Dusseldorf is the Mississippi Delta." --Kodwo Eshun

Sarcastic Chuvash loanword in Mari.

" seemed always to be marked by contingency, and it was often found in liminal contexts."

"also, and I feel this is related, and I've told this before, but a friend found herself to be kind of a romantic clown bait. She kept falling in love with clowns. Then she met this wall street trader, and she was relieved, and then after a couple of dates they went up to his place, and were about to have sex when she saw pictures of the dude in clown garb on the wall. The guy was a clown on the DL" --angrycat on metafilter

The Snark Wars.

"Our leaders are like 19th Century Germans who had lost religion of whom Nietzsche said, ‘they merely register their existence in the world with a kind of dumb amazement'."



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