Monday, October 06, 2014


Sable Island (or not).

The Book No One Read.

"With the joyful grips of my fingertips
I held the oozy gunwale tight."

--Sheridan LeFanu, "Beatrice", in: Poems (1904)

Japanese Spiderman.

"It’s not just about knowing what the facts are and then thinking “ok, how would people respond to that?” You have to know what the facts are, what the population thinks the facts are, what the elites think the facts are, who’s making money off of it, and then ask yourself if these facts are having any real effect on the elites and if that effect is enough to outweigh the money they’re making off of failure...?" --Ian Welsh

The Many Temptations.

(Clay Lipsky via)

Ten Tanka Techniques.

"So all at once, “uniqueness” (1) motivates content production for social-media platforms, (2) excuses intensified surveillance, and (3) allows filter bubbles to be imposed as a kind of flattery (which ultimately isolates us and prevents self-knowledge, of knowledge of our social relations). Uniqueness is as much a mechanism of control as an apparent expression of our distinctiveness. No wonder it’s been automated." --Rob Horning via Tower of Sleep

Teach the Controversy.

Mrs Poe.



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