Tuesday, September 09, 2014

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"It is American culture that is principally responsible for the perpetuation of the concept of race well after its loss of scientific respectability by the mid-20th century."

"Beauty is a way of fighting. Beauty is a reason to fight." --Molly Crabapple

Byzantine palette.

"My fantasy football is the version where Americans have to find the countries we're currently bombing on a map before being allowed to play." --Saladin Ahmed

"The end of the world is like waking up inside something big (pages 118-19), which penetrates you to the cellular level and yet sticks to you and everything you know on Earth and everywhere: it is something like a wasp drowning in a jar of honey—the more you panic and resist it, the more stuck you become (page 30). And at the same time, you know that there are an endless succession of larger objects in which you are stuck: “we are always inside an object” (page 17). This is humiliating for humans, Morton tells us, and this is a good thing. Hyperobjects show us “there is no center and we don’t inhabit it. Yet added to this is another twist: there is no edge! We can’t jump out of the universe” (page 17)."

"The gamification of misogyny predates the internet, but right now, in this world full of angry, broken, lost young men convinced that women have robbed them of some fundamental win in life, it’s rampant." --Laurie Penny

Hearing Voices Movement.

(Rosetta's Comet juxtaposed with site of Mt Fuji for size comparison, via beta dot gadgetzz dot com)

"Today’s rarest commodity is the chance to be alone with your own thoughts."

"Instead of rage and fury, the Fifth Horseman ‘non-linearity’ steals in on little cat feet." --Economic Undertow blog



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