Saturday, August 02, 2014

human capital

Crazy Horse update.

"Suns, huts, attacks, the
    striking teeth
It is they who lead

--Robot X

LSD Missile Silo.

"Most forgeries last only a few generations, because they're so carefully done in the taste of the period, a forged Rembrandt, for instance, confirms everything that that period sees in Rembrandt. Taste and style change, and the forgery is painfully obvious, dated, because the new period has discovered Rembrandt all over again, and of course discovered him to be quite different. That is the curse any genuine article must endure." --The Recognitions

Cafe Slavia.

"...A people prone and haggard
    Beheld their lightnings hurled:
All round, like Sinai, staggered
    The sceptre-shaken world..."

--A E Housman

The Prisoner of Highland Park.



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