Friday, July 18, 2014

arrant beavers sob

Green Egg & after.

"I suffer from recurrent bouts of nausea in the face of this densely woven tissue of 'arguments,' most of which are nothing but blinds for something else altogether..."

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"In a paper published in journal Nature this week, three Chinese academics say plan to remove over 700 mountains and shovel debris into valleys to create 250 sq km of flat land has not been sufficiently considered 'environmentally, technically or economically.' " --Stuart Clark writing in The Guardian

"... the uncanny, almost unimaginable allegiance that contemporary accelerationism, left or right, has to make with a future intelligence to-come."

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The Evolution of the Voice in the Digital Landscape.

"I should like to have taken all those lobbyists I saw in the White House with me the afternoon of that day to 'Arlington Heights,' and bade them look there at the thousands of head-stones, gleaming white like the billows of the sea in the sunlight, far as the eye could reach, labelled 'unknown,' 'unknown,' telling the simple tragic story of our national struggle more effectually than any sculptured monument could have done." --Fannie Fern,writing in 1869, in: Ruth Hall and Other Writings (1986)

"The story of man's martyrdom is a sequel to the story of his intelligence, his power of symbolical envisagement." --Suzanne Langer, Philosophy in a New Key (1957)

Animal printheads.



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