Tuesday, July 01, 2014



"No one else ever tried to teach dolphins to speak English again."

"Blue, red, and green are the human primary colors. But the bee primary colors are yellow, blue, and ultraviolet." --Jennifer Frazer

Food pairings.

"The békés were glorious for a while. We know their care by the stateliness, the gaunt handsomeness, of their remains. Their coastal jewel is now not only despoiled, but defunct. El Caudillo is building a new capitol in the frondy hinterlands, a concrete, Corbusian utopia far from the syncretism of ports and the ornate civic structures of the past, so many badges of servitude to those insensible of their symmetries. In the new city the new man will be consoled by an apparent uniformity of habitation, will have a volkswagen for illusory mobility, a television for illusory communion – and, perhaps this is most important, he will be free from any culture not devised in the monoglot Marx paraphrase that is his master's brain." --Eric Byrd

Cyber wars in realtime.

"Revealing why the present collection was called Pluto, he [Gulzar] said that he understood and shared the angst of Pluto that was recently declared as non-planet by scientists.

'At times, I also feel unfit in the family so I can understand what Pluto must have felt. I chose to dedicate these nazms to Pluto,' he observed." --The Times of India


"...the color silver is a sudden
squall across a tarn and shuddering
nearby aspens..."

--Michele Battiste

"I stopped doing TV because I couldn't hope to make sense in two minute sections. So instead I just became an utterly mysterious force." --Julian Cope

Bear Stearns Bravo.



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