Tuesday, April 29, 2014


(by John Atkinson Grimshaw, via Michelle Hartman via Mia Feigelson on Facebook)

"It turned out that what I thought of as a kind of comic strip, light relief from my 'real' writing, was the writing." --Lars Iyer

"Queen Victoria, it is said, was so charmed by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that she sent for copies of everything its author had written. When the parcel reached the palace, it contained, to her dismay, copies of A Syllabus of Plane Algebraic Geometry and The Formulae of Plane Trigonometry." --introduction to Easton Press edition



Who whispers here is forgotten.

Saliva's emptiest fruit
adorns the stones,
words ripening your mouth
to a spoilation
of silence.

Who speaks here
reads a text that downloads
the screen of his fingernail,
through which nothing's visible
as glass is.

For the memorial
we must kneel
to pick each flower
from amongst its modifiers:
but to do that
one needs a hand bared
of all uses, of all trades:
as ours is not."

     Bill Knott (via Poemhunter)

A weaponized seance.

"You can always tell when poets are going through a period of self-hatred: they write poems about Chekov (sic)." --Bill Knott, Prose Book


(Therizinosaurus by Durbed on Deviant Art)

"The book-poet believes; the poem-poet doubts." -ibid

Alone in Silvermoon.



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