Tuesday, March 25, 2014



A Cruel Angel Thesis.

"As prehistoric peoples find it harder and harder to feed themselves, inevitably a privileged elite emerges to confiscate communal lands and enslave their inhabitants. They then install a despotic tyrant who hastens ecological collapse by wasting scare resources on a spree of militarization and temple or pyramid building. This process is almost always accompanied by wholesale murder, torture, and unproductive wars." --Ecological Sociology blog

Kim Dot Dammit on Last Year at Marienbad.

"No, this is more like that boxing movie Hollywood recently released with Stallone and DeNiro. Two aging Mediocre Powers trying to rekindle a dubiously remembered time gone by in an age where you can watch Indonesian soap operas on your eyeglasses while walking over the street in an air conditioned skyway."

"Tool's Lateralus, a sprawling seventy-minute swatch of arrant contrariness, was sung in Enochian..." --The Music's All That Matters. More.


Zombie Heath Hen.

"Every time I even think of myself, I think of myself only as a box of fictitious animal crackers." --Harry Stephen Keeler

Loud Hands.

"Arranging my books by those that destroyed my vision, those that destroyed my future, and those that destroyed my vision of the future." --@NeinQuarterly

Terminating Jellyfish.



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