Monday, November 11, 2013

in the 99th year of the age of light


Eve of Destruction.

"I love the Mojave and there are emptier and more desolate places in Providence, Rhode Island." --Dave Hickey

"I can haz desolation!"

"Horror lurked beneath horror, and I could only tolerate an afternoon if I took a triple amount of the stated dose of valium prescribed by my GP (who would soon take his own life)." --Morrissey.

"A colleague’s combover is a living crop circle whose origin might just reveal the hand of god."

(via Centauri Dreams)

"Charles Cayley proposed to her [Christina Rossetti]. But alas, this abstract and erudite man who shuffled about the world in a state of absent-minded dishabille, and translated the gospel into Iroquois, and asked smart ladies at a party 'whether they were interested in the Gulf Stream,' and for a present gave Christina a sea mouse preserved in spirits..." --Virginia Woolf

The Nine-Tenths.

"If I were a gay man, people would be inclined to believe me when I told them so."



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