Tuesday, October 08, 2013

And for many, it does both.

<- Christopher Nevinson, "London, Winter" (via wood_s lot)

"With forty-one distinct crimes to David's charge, the killing of nine hundred thousand women and children, the houghing of thousands of horses, all of which is set down in infallible Holy Writ, his record is very bluggy." --Elbert Hubbard

Miley Kali.

"Those sweets which, after days elaps'd, dispense" --Hoole's Ariosto* (1785)

"Their wreck deem'd certain--each the public cares
Forgets, and to preserve his life prepares." --ibid

painting by Brian K Jones (pic by Hampton Burwick)


"...safety behind the cloaks and masks and thousand-named mists of Venezia." --Against the Day

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (*Scott called him: "The noble transmuter of the gold of Ariosto into lead." --Life and Genius of Ariosto)



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