Friday, September 20, 2013

this is not how we treat our sharks

"There's a strong founding father element in game creation, chunks of code that turn up over and over, appearing on your screen as wooden crates, railway sidings, rusted metal sheds; vaguely identifiable South West Seaboard US cityscapes: but that doesn't completely explain it. Why are the games so sure?, I wondered, somewhat spooked. The Apocalypse mooted in Fall Out isn't seriously 'Nuclear'. It could just as well have been Zombie Plague that did the damage. 'Nuclear' is a convention, a shorthand. It covers a lot of things, the intractable truth about how we got where we are now. What we see ahead, and how poor in solutions we find ourselves." --Gwyneth Jones's blog

(pic by Momus on mrstsk tumblr)

Another lifeless planet found.

Amplituhedron found...Whatever that means. (In the thread on Metafilter: some say The Aleph, some say Indra's Net.)

In Edinburgh, "[t]he dead seem more alive than the living."

Via Sterling's blog: where Rap meets Jihad. If it's not a put-on it sure reads like one. Except if Bruce wrote it, there would be Spimes & Augmented Reality in it somewhere.

(via cbsnews)


The Age of Jellyfish.


Knowledge workers are oppressed just as surely as laborers in a diamond mine; only that, being constantly around books & learning, the decor palliates the indignity like the honey trap it is.

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Henry Corbin - Temple and Contemplation by Qazim Ali Sumar



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