Wednesday, July 03, 2013


(by James Dyson on photozo dot com)

     "Hot Air

So soft my pleasure came
Upon a dream,
Iced fire and frosted flame

It was, too brief for blame.
Yet sharp to seem
So soft. My pleasure came

And went--that was its shame,
Not that, supreme,
Iced fire and frosted flame,

It bore the ancient name
Harsh hearts blaspheme.
So soft my pleasure, came

A wind and woke me tame
To that regime
Iced fire and frosted flame

Had burnt to a black frame
Before their steam.
So soft, my pleasure, came
Iced fire and frosted flame."

Vassar Miller, 1963

Like a Stone.

(by Bill Knott via billknottartblog dot blogspot)

Viral memory lane.

The neon seas of Pluto. (The Icarus article is remembered.)



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