Thursday, June 06, 2013

the string to fold (we know you are not mind readers, so we spell

"Though North Korea is a nuclear power, it has yet to build its first stoplight." (via)

(via sweet green dreams)

Nietzsche Family Circus.

La crisa ditcu.

"I never look up at the stars without feeling that they are the fires of a schoolboy's rocket, fixed in everlasting fall." ==Chesterton

Crypto Kids.

Generations on the way
Not starting with the Bering Strait

The weather
Then too a trickster god

To be duly acknowledged

When we come to a longer bivouac
In a field tramped flat there will be dancing

Graywyvern saw this
Before your time

"The operatives of the corporate/commercial hologram have induced us to devour the planet like a serving of Hot Pockets." (via wood_s lot)




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