Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My legendary Silver Triangle Wealth Pyramid


"If there were no longer our modern strife between nations, there would only be a strife between Utopias." --Chesterton

Messy Techno.

"...until writers are an everyday occurrence on television, telephone, radio, and stages, we must rely on the object to transmit our art." --Douglas Messerli, 1984

A Brief History of Robot Birds.

"All legends and songs originating in this city are filled with nostalgia for a prophesied day when the city would be smashed to bits by five blows in rapid succession from a gigantic fist." --Kafka

(via siysradio dot xtreemhost dot com)

"...the massive gray wyvern that is the Bay Bridge rising from the mist..."

(via pre-Gebelin dot blogspot)

The history of Steampunk in one chart.



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