Tuesday, April 30, 2013

song? What then? Does that

(via climatediscovery dot com)

        A fly of creatures

It's not a fly
      it's a state

Fly, fly, empty as
      a word
I accept the pleasure
      of the body

Possibly it is to
      feel a fine
            lord, a proud eye, an
                  excellent jacket, stuff, an unruffled company,
                        an old rifle whose shake is unavoidable,
                              giving beneath a profession, seeing
                                    above a salary

The creatures scream, your face scarlet
      with importance
Know, know
Smoothly, torquise snow
      sleeps, like a work

What would the fact
      watch without skin to swing?
Absurd and gifted

Stiller than a shore
More evil than a string
More distinct than a being
More glittering than wilderness
More attentive than a skin

A leg so
      heavy that the foot
I am distinct in
      the face of
            all that is not satanic
A heart too motionless is no heart
      at all

                        --Robot X p. 706-7

Dubstep Sly.



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