Monday, February 18, 2013

them. The

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One more cup of coffee.

"For to see the meaning of shadow you must transfer to the surface the awe and piety which were once reserved for the depths." --Roger Scruton, Perictione in Colophon (2000)

The New Symptom.

"They, too, o'er all th' expanded flowery earth
Waste the fair works of earth-born men, and fill
All things with eddying dust and rustling drear." --Elton's Hesiod

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Issue 1 remembered.

"Now I do not even know
How to live or how survive,
In these dreadful days of evil,
In this last and fleeting age.
Must I make my home in wind,
Build my walls upon the water?"

--Runo 7, Kalevala (tr Eino Friberg, 1988)

Flying in Space.

"Losing a fantasy is much harder than losing a reality."



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