Friday, November 02, 2012

vampire squid thundershirt

(via Al Jazeera)

Green Penguins.

"[Alberto] Manguel, when I had first met him, a decade before, had told me that he himself had met a man who had known Franz Kafka. And what had this person had to say about Kafka, I'd asked? That Kafka, Manguel had told me, had known everything there was to know about coffee." --William Gibson, Distrust That Particular Flavor (2012)

Dr Death as painter & Armenian.

"People think the truth is bulky, like a big package. More often, it comes in small drops, like rain from the eaves. You can listen to it all night long, but in the morning when you go outside, there might not be anything there." --James Church, Hidden Moon (2007)

The rectification of names.

"I was ashamed of my trade [the military] when I saw those horrors perpetrated which came under every man's eyes. You hew out of your polished verses a stately image of smiling victory: I tell you 'tis an uncouth, distorted, savage idol; hideous, bloody, and barabarous. The rites performed before it are shocking to think of. You great poets should show it as it is--ugly and horrible, not beautiful and serene. O sir, had you made the campaign, believe me, you never would have sung it so." --Henry Esmond (1852)



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