Friday, April 19, 2013

The iridescent blue and green peacock has captured the hearts and imaginations of people around

Pink Submarine.

Gist of this story i'm watching: we're getting to be real good at replacing blown-off legs.

Bicycle Day.

"Ah, 'tis hopeless! I have not yet met with the man who loves Virtue as he does Beauty." --Analects 71

Ghouls of Providence.

To be exiled from Story. That tradition.


"The double dawn had risen; the orange sun overpowered the wan light of the blue sun..." --Kameron Hurley, God's War

(zeta Aurigae, via educatednation dot com) More.

Sleeps with Monsters.

(The web page of one of the creators of this. I think it is among the few significant artworks of our moment.)

Hypertext Anglo-Mongrels.

Adelaide Crapsey: "Song

I make my shroud but no one knows,
So shimmering fine it is and fair,
With stitches set in even rows.
I make my shroud but no one knows.

In door-way where the lilac blows,
Humming a little wandering air,
I make my shroud and no one knows,
So shimmering fine it is and fair."

In Buttercup Valley.

(Pic of Hissa Hilal from a rare post-2010 media appearance.)

Abecedarian Lunacy.



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