Thursday, March 28, 2013

knowledge worker
at starvation wages
no shazam musician
bright dawn
the door repeatedly opens
this vessel
the angle of shine
gets lost
the jaw tightens
from too much caffeine
drawing dwarves

a month from my life
who have not many

slumdog * handgun
cutback * rotgut
Aurorae Ololiuqui
scurry and
shouldn't eat certain

it being my mistake
to write a note
though such as will abate
like misfired joke
i pledge next time to lob
no damning trace
or livid albatross
just astrolabe
that this burnt stake
may fix itself by rote

why won't they follow
my instructions
the fruits of many auctions
stodge this mullah
my hive built of fathoms
my darkness shod
with dreams of lirn & sad
a thousand autumns

Deuteronomistic light

death cast
of the volcano-slain


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