Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Cannibal Puritans

i hurt in my stomach
but not from what my stomach holds

from retribution karmic
i hurt in my stomach

in this a poor mimic
of the madness that enfolds

i hurt in my stomach
but not from what my stomach holds

"When historians of the future swap their stories around the campfire, this age will be remembered for little more than all the useless movement of automobiles and the fate of the crumbling surfaces they moved about on."

"We ask ourselves: why do artists, especially the greatest, see so much dark, feel so much pain? Maybe we should reverse the polarity... Why do we, we others, refuse to embrace the world as it really is?" --Gwyneth Jones, Spirit

(vis wikipedia)

"...[T]he old model for getting films to people is breaking down for films just as much as it is for books, music and just about every other intellectual endeavor (heads up, art dealers – they’re coming for you)."

"The past is a kaleidoscope, different every time you look." --ibid

"He has a sort of genius for being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time."

"Man likes to move what is movable; and to vary what is variable; thus every age makes some mark upon language; and the continual influence of that spirit of invention which creates speech ends by corrupting it." --Joseph Joubert

"Languages are the primordial defense against the pantopia, as each language is its own chaosmos."

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