Tuesday, May 21, 2013

feces ornithology

Imagine a country...

(pic by Jason Cohen)

a thrall
that does not remember
in the shape of a man
the skies
that have rained terror elsewhere
we park up close
Cirith Ungol
Eye of Argon

Albertus Alauda.

plarring, adj. deposited or arranged in tiers (@PowerVocabTweet)

Repair Manifesto.

(via businessinsider dot com)

douteful, adj. of, pertaining to, or occurring in autumn (@PowerVocabTweet)

End of an Epoch.

ewledgeable, adj. (of twins) derived from two separately fertilized eggs (@PowerVocabTweet)

The invention of Negarestani.

gnolign, adj. like the light sharp ringing sound of a bee (@PowerVocabTweet)

"...dry and red and sweet is the skeletal panorama of the world..." --Dino Campana (tr C Wright)



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