Monday, June 17, 2013

How to appreciate the beauty

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The Right Word.

Why's this CD so expensive? Is this the same Waterboys i remember from the 80s? And their later hit (on alt-radio)...

Pentagon bracing.


"Some people say that running out of oil will save us from global warming. Perhaps. And perhaps running out of money will save you from your addiction to crack. More likely, though, you'll start getting your highs by sniffing cheap glue."

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drops of Juvederm
Syrian no-fly zone
drops of juniper

thunder that sounds like
something in the attic falling
& rolling

no sidewalk along here
a gravel embankment

the bodies piling up
like ants
this is how Cthulhu sees us

not a poet writing
with one eye on the road


We are all Capulchu.

Vacation in the Golden Age.

The Last Telegram.

From the viewpoint of the summer civilization on Pluto, their predecessors had no seas, air, or music. The things they built did not last. They had no knowledge of what was happening, even as it bloomed all around them. And they were completely incapable of imagining anything after.

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So Obama sent those tornados.

Learn from the Roma.


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