Tuesday, June 25, 2013

War is a weather. Being hunted is personal.

"Fast Zombies don't signify death. They are nature's brutal swift attack. They are the Tsunami, not the plague. They are the bomb on the bus. The bear charging. The bees. Oh god the bees. As more and more disasters occur on live TV, as the water table mounts, and hurricanes wipe out more coastal cities, why the fuck would I dream of a being enveloped slowly? It's happening faster than that right in front of our eyes." --Potomac Avenue

(via dangerouslybored dot com)

Three memes or topics, of the present or recent past, that continue to engage me are Hauntology, Dark Ecology, & Accelerationism.

To me the first is more a flavor than a movement, a mood more than a concept, but if it were to be conceptualized at all, it would have to be as the third between Retro (to copy, FUKPI, the past) and "Fashion Forward" (to forget, TOLMORJI--even the recent past): remember MORJI (or maybe better, culturally-remember KULNU MORJI). The feeling is that of being haunted by what is different. "I feel/ your absence like the ringing of bells silenced..." --Robert Duncan. I have mentioned in this connection the recent film of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Dark Ecology expresses the recognition that it's already past the point of no return, in so many ways, concerning the fate of our planet--& to dwell in this recognition. The third between perish CANCI and reproduce RORCI would be: survive RENVI. It's the future we didn't want. Neither the fantasy of Apocalypse nor the fantasy of Techno-Rapture, but to find a way through, & an identity from that path. I think of the movie The Addiction here.

Accelerationism does not mean the literal, Maoist provocation of making what is falling to fall down faster. (There's no point in that, when those in the driver's seat are leadfooting it blindfold anyway.) It's the third between fight DAMBA and deny NATFE: to accept NALXARNU. I associate this with the Japanese aesthetic of kintsugi, or 'beautiful repair'. Something is broken, & the repair CIKRE is going to be obvious. Thus the saying, LE BANZU CUNU TOLMILXE CIKRE. The movie Skyfall.


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