Monday, June 24, 2013

watermelon oreo


" 'Matter' is nothing in itself except an anomaly in space. People are just angles in that anomaly." --Harry Stephen Keeler

"Is the death star reeling?" --Eshleman's Trilce, XLII

(by Raymond Murphy, via Todd Buckley)

The Plutovites are mad about balloons, all the fifty-year summer long. They ride in them, raise bridges & even small buildings with them, but it all is going to fail, once the first tiny snowflake appears.

"His impatient mother would place her mace in an indigo..."

(thanx Melanie!)

"In the language of autopoietic theory, subject names what happens when biological human beings are structurally coupled to the system of language."

pinwale- to feel entitled to go faster

dishfire- to feel entitled to more than one's share

Vulcan anthem.

A non-Quranic aside.

"Indeed, without horror, alien materiality and the unhuman would resist conceptualization altogether."

Love revolution.

(pic by Momus on tumblr/mrstsk)

"Today, the United States is conducting offensive cyberwar actions around the world."

eke out


land for sale
field standing empty

"What I tell you three times is true."

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