Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Looking Back.


    "A Drenching"

My tracks on the earth
Something that is heavy

Something that bulks
Against the stars
And yet erases

Like a wind


"Explosion without an objective...is politics in its purest form." --Against the Day (2006)

Dark patterns and dark lightning. Not to mention zombie pigeons.

Building a case is the only human activity that has a 100% success rate.

(via US Dept Interior)

Make a lava lamp on your blog.

Google Glass in Vogue. (via Sterling)

Name hurricanes after obstructionist lawmakers. (via supergee)

months if ever
to realize
what i realize
in a matter of seconds

that's what makes them management

"Just in case this building wasn't identifiable as a church a neon cross was added."

"But who the fuck are we kidding?."

"The frontier ends and disconnection begins." --ibid

(via io9)

Bubble wrap and decay.

Magic does not work, & it is all the more powerful for that.

(via Bill Knott Art blog)

"In 2011, long after Manning was done and in custody, we classified 92 million documents." (via silliman)

"It might not be about Iceland spar after all."

(Dead Horse Bay via atlas obscura)



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