Tuesday, July 30, 2013

selfie agonistes

Love Sex Fear Death.

Suicide Bridge and Jack Parsons.

i discovered if you have magnetic clip-on sunglasses & carry them in your shirt pocket next to a magnetic-card hotel roomkey, the key will stop working after a while.


Musical anonymity.

"When they saw the music on the day before, the musicians were irate. One asked in rehearsal, 'Excuse me, Mr Walton, has a clarinet player ever done you an injury?' " --Richard Greene, Edith Sitwell: Avant-Garde Poet, English Genius (2011)

Dark Side of the Rainbow.

"Spiral, cone, and pentagon." --Edwin muir

(artwork by doc brite, on livejournal)

Speculative Realism and Art.


What if no religion used words? Imagine that they could impart, & urge to impart, certain rituals, behaviors & avoidances, & even the mental states appropriate to these, without the intermediary of language. There would be no question of faith, & none of truth. --And that is how i see them all. The immense mass of verbiage their adherents have created & continue to create, is to me only so much information pollution. Sometimes it is good poetry (oftener bad): that part is worth keeping. As poetry.

Blog del Narco.



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